Women in Soccer’s Courtney Carroll Levinsohn is our guest on “The Bear & the Ball” podcast

United by the inclusive spirit of soccer, Women in Soccer’s mission is to increase the agency and representation of women and marginalized individuals working in “the beautiful game” through community building. Whether you’re on the field, or cheering from the stands, work in the business, want to be in the business, or are a passionate change-maker, Women in Soccer (WIS) is here to support you.

Founder Courtney Carroll Levinsohn talks with “The Bear & the Ball” about this mission and how it is changing the game throughout the United States and beyond.


“I’m the proud founder of Women in Soccer, a free network that brings together all women and allies who love the beautiful game. Since its launch in December 2020 the WIS squad has grown into a powerful community of grassroots changemakers, current and former players, and talented professionals who work in and around the game. It’s also attracted household names such as Brandi Chastain, Crystal Dunn, Christine Brennan and Sarah Spain.

Before founding WIS I worked as a sports psychologist, helping athletes of all ages develop the competitive and emotional skills to both excel in sports and have fun doing so. I also executively produced the film Coach to encourage society to examine how some rules are written, however unconsciously, in ways that keep women from reaching those upper echelons. (Another reason I made the film was because I wanted my young sons to grow up seeing women in positions of authority in sports.)”

To learn more, visit https://womeninsoccer.org/.

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