PRO+ ODP Player Pools

The Cal South PRO+ Olympic Development Program (ODP) is one of the most successful programs in the country at placing players on U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams. Cal South PRO+ ODP’s coaches and scouts cover the Southern California youth soccer landscape annually to identify the top players in each boys’ and girls’ age group from 12U-17U.

Upon identification, the aim of PRO+ ODP is to then help the players develop and advance to the level they aspire: college, professional, or international teams. Players also have the opportunity to compete for Cal South State Teams that compete at the annual ODP West Regional Championships and other high-level national or international events.

Cal South PRO+ ODP teams have won 38 ODP National Championships, including sweeping all four national titles in 2013 and 2014. No other US Youth Soccer State Association has accomplished a sweep of the ODP Nationals even once. Cal South PRO+ ODP also regularly places over 40% of its players into the U.S. National Team player pools.

Cal South Pro+ ODP Winter Pools 2022

Registration Link for Invite Only

Updated December 12, 2022 

Training Schedule for Dec 17th– 18th

LOCATION: Mount San Antonio College 1100 North Grand Ave Walnut


Saturday Dec 17th


9:00am            –           10:30am          2010 Girls

10:30am          –           12:00pm          2011 Girls

12:00am          –           1:30pm            2010 Girls

1:30pm            –           3:00pm            2011 Girls

3:00pm            –           5:00pm            2009 Girls


9:00am            –           10:30am          2011 Boys

10:30am          –           12:00pm          2010 Boys

12:00pm          –           1:30pm            2011 Boys

1:30pm            –           3:00pm            2010 Boys

3:00pm            –           5:00pm            2009 Boys

Sunday Dec 18th


8:30am            –           10:00am          2008 Girls

10:00am          –           11:30pm          2007 Girls

11:30pm          –           1:00pm            2008 Girls

1:00pm            –           2:30pm            2007 Girls

2:30pm            –           4:00pm            2006 Girls

4:00pm            –           5:30pm            2009 Girls

5:30pm            –           7:00pm            2006 Girls


8:30am            –           10:00am          2008 Boys

10:00am          –           11:30pm          2007 Boys

11:30pm          –           1:00pm            2008 Boys

1:00pm            –           2:30pm            2007 Boys

2:30pm            –           4:00pm            2006 Boys

4:00pm            –           5:30pm            2009 Boys

5:30pm            –           7:00pm            2006 Boys

Cal South Pro+ ODP Spring Pools 2022