PRO+ ODP Player Pools

Our Boys and Girls ODP 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 Player Pools are rich with talent this year.

The ODP Summer Player Pools have just been released for the Boys and Girls 2007 and 2008 age categories (May 4th, 2023). 

2007-2008 Player Pools Training Dates

Girls: June 3 and June 11, Troy High School, Fullerton 

Boys: June 4 and June 11, Troy High School, Fullerton

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We will identify 22 players from each of the Boys and Girls Player Pools to participate in the Cal South Olympic Development Programs Summer Elite Player Development event in Ojai, CA. 

Boy’s Event: July 6th-9th, the Thacher School, Ojai, CA

Girl’s Event: July 9th-12th, the Thacher School, Ojai, CA

These events are considered the teams’ development phases and will lay the foundations for the ODP West Championships trip in January 2024 where all 12 age groups (2007-2012) will compete and represent Cal South. The USYS ODP Program recently implemented a National Player Pathway, which includes the West ODP Regional Camp, National ODP Interregional Event (Jan 2024), and the USYS National Team Program (with international travel). 

Reminder: the Cal South ODP Program is open and inclusive to all players in Southern California, regardless of which league they play in. 

*Note: 2009-2010-2011-2012 Player Pools were released on February 24, 2023. Access these pools below.

Congratulations to all players who made the final cut and best of luck in your upcoming training camps!

Cal South Pro+ ODP Spring Pools 2023

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Cal South Pro+ ODP Spring Pools 2022