PRO+, the next evolution of player identification and development in the United States, combines all of Cal South’s current and future elite player development initiatives, and places them under one integrated structure.

Cal South PRO+ ODP is a U.S Soccer Approved Program.

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Four Areas of Emphasis

Cal South believes that players are best identified in their natural game-playing environment by professional scouts. We have developed a high-level scouting system over the past twelve years, and are in the process of creating a more robust technology platform to identify and track players as they progress through the system. As more emphasis goes towards our younger age groups, the reach of our scouting and identification efforts under PRO+ will be greatly intensified as our player pools are larger in those younger age groups.

We contend that player development is directly related to the quality of play, the level of coaching and the best players playing against the best. Therefore, we are always centrally focused on creating a high-level environment, maintaining a quality coaching staff, and selecting the greatest development opportunities for our players. Part of development is also learning to become a complete player, which is why we integrate education into the program around fitness, nutrition, and sports psychology from some of the top minds involved in sport.

No barrier should ever stand in the way of opportunities for our players to participate and potentially represent their state or national team program. The elimination of costs and travel, while more aggressively utilizing Cal South’s relationships with Nike, U.S. Soccer and local resources, removes these barriers and makes the program accessible and inclusive for all players and families.

Early identification and development leads to stronger advancement opportunities. Whether a player is heading for college, or wishing to play for a professional or national team, PRO+ will be a key for any path.


  • Train, play and compete against the best players in the country
  • Work with a high-level coaching staff and supplement their overall development
  • U.S. Soccer National Team staff and scouts working onsite at PRO+ camps and events
  • Opportunity to be identified for U.S. Soccer National Teams
  • Opportunity to play against U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams
  • No fees for the opportunity to be identified and zero to minimal cost to participate
  • No out-of-state travel; all PRO+ events, training and camps are held in Southern California
  • Opportunity to be evaluated by Portugal League Champions “Club Sporting Lisbon” for inclusion in their development pathway

Cal South Training Centers [CSTC]

Cal South Pro+ ODP, working in conjunction with Coast Soccer League, has created age group-specific Cal South Training Centers.  The goal of a “CSTC” is to expand the PRO+ ODP player identification program to find the best quality players in CSL.  Coaches and technical directors of teams that play in CSL will be able to recommend player for inclusion in the Training Center.  The requirements to recommend a player is that the club is currently playing in CSL and registered with Cal South.  Cal South will also scout CSL and State and National Cup for players.

Player Recommendations

Cal South will accept player recommendations from CSL Teams from August to November, and again from February to April. Players will also be scouted in the winter and spring at the Cal South State and National Cup.

Cal South accepts player recommendations from the following: Affiliated Club Technical Directors, Club Directors of Coaching, Club Coaches, Regional Staff Coaches, National Staff Coaches, ODP Scouts, Opposing Club Coaches. We do NOT accept recommendations from private trainers or parents.