Mental Fitness

Training you mind is just as important as training your body!

Cal South announced a partnership with Advance Sports Technology, Inc. AST is a world-class mental fitness group with a mental-edge technology for athletic and corporate organizations. AST uses a proven diagnostic formula – an interactive seminar curriculum based on an evidence-based scientific, cognitive, and positive psychological model – that will increase player performance both on and off the field of play.

The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Fitness

AST’s basic The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Fitness™ program is one resource for adolescents. The 7 Fundamentals are the cornerstone upon which young teens can raise their self-esteem, become aware of their talents and abilities, and gain confidence in making the tough, and yet right, decisions.

Fundamental #1

Vision Drives Performance

Fundamental #2

Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

Fundamental #3

What You Say Is What You Get

Fundamental #4

Broad Comfort Zone = Room to Move

Fundamental #5

Goals Keep You Growing

Fundamental #6

Staying Cool Means Controlling Focus

Fundamental #7

Teamwork Wins

If you are interested in learning more about maximizing your players’ mental performance both on and off the soccer field: