Recertification & Upgrade

The Cal South Referee Program’s goal is to create and grow a qualified and well-trained group of referees. These referees will be instructed at and held to the highest standards with the intent of maintaining a safe and enjoyable playing environment for Cal South members of all ages and skill levels. Cal South referees will thoroughly understand and appropriately apply the Laws of the Game.

The Cal South Referee Program strives to actively recruit, develop, certify, and advance referees for all levels of play.

Recertification for Referee License

Minimum age requirement: 14 Years of age

Note:  If you are not a returning Referee, scroll down the page to review your license level requirements to complete the correct items for your registration.

  • To register and pay Click here
  • Click here for full USSF License fees (Ex: Cost for 2024 returning referee is now $80)

As part of the recertification process, referees must take and pass the online U.S. Soccer Referee Recertification Quiz.

  • To take Recert Online Quiz [English]: Click here
  • Prueba de Recertificación [Español]: Clic aqui
  • For other License Quiz’s scroll down this page and click on your License type to complete the correct quiz requirements. (Ex: Assignor, Regional, Futsal, etc)

Referee wishing to recertify must complete courses on Concussion Training and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training, unless they have already taken and been verified through the Introduction to Safe & Healthy Playing Environments course.

  • To go through the National Federation of High Schools site:
  • To go through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center:
    • Introduction to Safe & Healthy Playing Environments: Click here

If you have already been verified on this information, you can skip this step.

Compliance Requirements

If you are 18 years of age or older now, you must also complete the following two compliance items. 

Live Scan is only needed ONCE. SafeSport is an annual requirement.

  • If you are 18 or older, you will need to complete the Department of Justice (DOJ) background check and Live Scan fingerprinting process.

    • To complete this, download the Live Scan form and instructions: Click here
  • SafeSport Training needs to be completed annually by all referees 18 years or older. SafeSport Training is available within two platforms. Please log back into the website you used previously to continue with your saved progress.

    • To register for a SafeSport Training course through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center: Click here
    • To register for a SafeSport Training course through the SafeSport site: Click here


Registered Officials List

USSF Registered Officials List:
Cal South Registered Officials List:

2023July 1, 2022June 14, 2023*Date ApprovedDec 31, 2023
2024July 1, 2023June 14, 2024*Date ApprovedDec 31, 2024
2025July 1, 2024June 14, 2025*Date ApprovedDec 31, 2025

* Registration Period Close is strict to allow Cal South enough time to process your registration with the U.S. Soccer Federation.

State Referee Comittee

Juan Guzman, Jr.
State Referee Administrator 

Lee Eichenbaum
State Director of Instruction

Rick Rehm
State Director of Assessment

Robert Pennoyer
Cal South Board Referee Representative

Andre Wolas
Director of Assignment

Robert Karmann
Committee Secretary

Gabriel Goldsman
Director of SRC Events

Laura Dudoit
SRC Registrar, Membership Serivices Manager


Additional Officiating Elements

  • Join a local Referee Association in order to receive matches for work.
    • To find a Referee Association in your area: Click here
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