Coaches Association

Our new Cal South Coaches Association is a revamping of a coaching membership program that we offered in years past. Along with the benefits listed below, a major update to this new version of the Coaches Association is that upon registration, representatives from Cal South will now help each member go through the required trainings or license path. Our goal is to alleviate this massive workload off of the shoulders of the club registrars, leaving them with more time to focus on working with the parents, players, and the other team administrators in their clubs.

Key Benefits for Coaches Include:

  • Step by step help as they develop through the path of becoming a coach.
  • Exclusive discounts on Cal South Coaching Education courses including all Online Licenses, In Person Licenses, and National D courses.
  • An exclusive discount on the Soccer Nation VIP Coach Pass, which includes reserved seating area around the VIP Coach Presentation Pitch where our special guest clinicians will present coaching clinics as well as exclusive VIP Classroom Sessions on a variety of coaching-related topics. Past clinicians at previous Soccer Nation events have included Efrain Flores, Tony Waiters, Klaus Pabst, Fernando Pina Rivera, etc.
  • Access to future partnership membership services such as scouting/analysis software or Sports Session Planner for deeply discounted prices.

Registrar FAQ

It will be free this year for all coaches. There may be a small fee for Competitive coaches next year as their used to be a fee associated with the Coaches Association that they paid in the past. However, this will remain FREE for all Recreational coaches.

You simply communicate to them using the link below and provide them your affiliate code that they will enter during registration. This will later enable us to create a season application for them under your club.

We will help them through this process and what they need to do after it has been completed. The goal is to be able to have that result quickly updated into their profile without you needing to follow up.

Great! You can continue to do so, simply reach out to us so you can provide the details if you have a particular servicer you use or billing account info they request. We will send that information over to your coaches only to continue that same process you have established as benefit for them.

Since they are to enter your affiliate code during registration, we will know who to contact as soon as we have verified all items have been met.  If you wish, we can also provide you a weekly list of which coaches have started the process.

In an effort to reduce your locating a duplicate profile that does not have all requirements connected to the individual, we will create that application for coaches that know your affiliate code. However, you will still be able to create those season applications for new coaches who have already been vetted and did not have that code previously during registration.

Its open and available now for the Fall 2022-23 Season.