TOPSoccer Welcomes Athletes to Free Clinic & Pizza Party at First-Ever US Amputee Soccer Women’s ID Camp

US Amputee Soccer is hosting its first-ever Women’s ID camp on May 19th-21st at Santa Ana College. This is a marquess event, demonstrating the hard work and commitment of all the athletes and members within the US Amputee Soccer organization. In the past, amputee soccer never had a gender requirement for play but the AASA is pushing to identify and develop players to compete specifically in the women’s game, providing more opportunities for limb-difference athletes. 

US Soccer’s Disability Soccer Committee (DSC) is hosting a free soccer clinic in conjunction with the camp. Athletes from all programs, including TOPSoccer, are kindly welcomed to this fun-focused clinic that will take place between training sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain inspiration, meet new friends, and enjoy a soccer-filled day.

The clinic will take place on May 20th between 1 pm and 3 pm. The first hour will revolve around play and the second will be a pizza party. Players, volunteers, family, and friends are welcome. 

Players AND Volunteers Register by emailing Ashley Hammond: ashley@cpsoccer.us. Please send:

  • Volunteer/Player name 
  • Volunteer/Player age 
  • Volunteer/Parent email 
  • Volunteer/Parent cell 
  • Associated organization (if applicable).


See you there!

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