TOPSoccer Athletes Take Center Stage at the 2023 Cal South TOPSoccer State Cup

The annual Cal South TOPSoccer State Cup lived up to its legendary status this year as local athletes competed in a fantastic tournament this past weekend.

All roads led to Wagner Elementary School in Placentia last Saturday (February 4th) as TOPSoccer and Cal South hosted the 2023 State Cup, the premier event of the year. The TOPSoccer State Cup is always a special event and an extremely fun day out, with athletes from all backgrounds coming together to put their talents on show. This year’s tournament was one of the best in recent memory with over 200 players, parents, coaches, and spectators in attendance, creating a phenomenal atmosphere. 

Anyone who’s been involved in TOPSoccer before won’t be surprised to hear that the athletes arrived ready to play. As always, these players did not disappoint, displaying tremendous skill, determination, and teamwork from start to finish. They were cheered on by cowbell-brandishing fans who didn’t let up for a moment all day. Who wants a vuvuzela when you can have a cowbell?

When the TOPSoccer State Cup comes around, there are always a few surprises. This year, we welcomed the Placentia Chief of Police and five officers to get involved in the action. Several of the officers suited up as part of the TOPSoccer Team which certainly added to the excitement. 

All matches were played in the spirit of the beautiful game. The only drama of note came when Henry the Therapy Dog received the lone red card of the tournament! As we said, the TOPSoccer State Cup always has a few surprises in store. Here’s hoping Henry is on his best behavior next year.

When the tournament ended, players, family members, friends, volunteers, coaches, and spectators gathered for a medal ceremony followed by lunch. We’re still recounting the stories. Cal South TOPSoccer Chair, Sandy Castillo, is the chief organizer of the tournament. After another successful outing, Sandy was thrilled about the 2023 event:

“It was just a great event. It truly highlighted the abilities of our players and the talent levels of those involved in the program. The TOPSoccer State Cup is an event that needs to be experienced. We hope to keep growing throughout 2023 and have a bigger and better tournament in 2024.”

With the recent announcement of a new TOPSoccer program opening in Ventura later this year, things are looking up for this phenomenal organization. 

Cal South and TOPSoccer would like to express their sincere thanks to the players, families, volunteers, Cal South referees, and JUSA who made this tournament possible. A massive thanks also go out to the special guests from the Placentia Police Department, Henry the Therapy Dog and his handler, Steve Booth, and the D5 Tournament Committee.

If you want to get involved with TOPSoccer in some capacity, visit our webpage. For further questions or queries, reach out to Sandy Castillo directly: Sandy Castillo, TOPSoccer Chair: 657-378-8606, scastillo@calsouth.com

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