The Game of Legends’ Yuri Moreira is our guest this week on Cal South’s “The Bear & the Ball” podcast

Imagine watching Ronaldinho versus Kaka and you’re only a few feet away from these two legends of the game. This is the dream which is now a reality thanks to the visionary mind of Yuri Moreira.

On this episode of “The Bear & the Ball,” Yuri talks to host Nick Webster about the dramatic growth of the game and how the next decade may look.

About "The Game of Legends"

Soccer’s Biggest Legends And Celebrities Playing at Toyota Arena June 16th!

Ronaldinho and Kaka are set to face off at Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA, on June 16th at 4pm PST. This isn’t just a game—it’s a legendary moment featuring celebrities, soccer legends, and an electric atmosphere!

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