Boys 16U Strikers FC & 14U Oxnard FC capture titles at the 2024 US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals

Honolulu, HI (UPDATE Thursday, June 27, 2024) Cal South’s Oxnard FC captured the Boys 14U trophy in today’s Finals round at the 2024 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships by defeating Hawaii Rush this morning, 3-1.

In the Boys 16U final later this morning, Strikers FC North went into extra time against Leahi SC to take the regional title, 3-2.

The week-long competition took place at the Waipi’o Soccer Complex in Honolulu, Hawaii from June 21-27, 2024. 

The event features youth soccer teams made up of boys and girls in the 13U-19U age groups, all competing to move forward to the 2024 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which are scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida, July 23-28, 2024.

Three days of bracket play lead off the event through the weekend, with a day of rest for the teams on Monday.

Scoreboards from this event – focusing only on games featuring Cal South teams – are shown below. Final scores for the day’s matches are updated throughout each day. Links to photos taken by Cal South each day are set below each respective scoreboard section.

2024 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships

June 21-27, 2024 | Honolulu, HI
All times: Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
Finals | Thursday, June 27, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score Away Team
9:00AMBoys 2010/14UHawaii Rush (HI)1-3 WOxnard FC (CS)
10:30AMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC North (CS)W 3-2Leahi SC (HI)

See photos of B14U Oxnard FC in the Far West Regionals Finals here.

See photos of B16U Strikers FC North in the Far West Regionals Finals here.

Semifinals | Wednesday, June 26, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score Away Team
8:30AMBoys 2010/14UOxnard FC (CS)W 6-0XL B10 A (WA)
8:30AMGirls 2008/16UCook Inlet SC (AK)1-0 LElite Development Academy (CS)
10:00AMBoys 2008/16UHawaii Rush (HI)2-3 WStrikers FC North (CS)
10:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UPDX Premier Black (OR)1-0 LApple Valley SC Storm (CS)

See our photos from the Far West Regionals Semifinals Round here.

Quarterfinals | Tuesday, June 25, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score Away Team
8:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UFBSL Tuzos (AZ)3-2 LDowney FC (CS)
8:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UAlbion SC Las Vegas (NV)0-2 WApple Valley SC Storm (CS)
8:00AMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC North (CS)W 2-1SoCal Elite High Desert (CS)
8:00AMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC Orange (CS)L 0-2Leahi SC (HI)
8:00AMGirls 2007/17UReal Colorado (CO)4-0 LDrako FC (CS)
10:00AMBoys 2010/14UOxnard FC (CS)W 3-1Idaho Surf SC (ID)
10:00AMGirls 2006/2005 18U/19UHawaii Rush (HI)3-1 LApple Valley SC Storm (CS)
10:00AMGirls 2008/16ULos Angeles SC (CS)0-1 WElite Development Academy (CS)
12:00PMGirls 2009/15UUtah Surf (UT)3-1 LCoastal Valley SC Surf (CS)
Bracket Play – Day 3 | Sunday – June 23, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score Away Team
8:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UApple Valley SC Storm (CS)D 1-1Oregon Premier FC (OR)
8:00AMBoys 2008/16UAjax United (CN)2-2 DSoCal Elite High Desert (CS)
10:00AMGirls 2006/2005 18U/19UApple Valley SC Storm (CS)L 2-3Leahi SC (HI)
8:00AMGirls 2008/16UHawaii Rush (HI)3-0 LElite Development Academy (CS)
8:00AMGirls 2008/16UUtah Soccer Alliance (UT)8-0 LEagles SC (CS)
8:00AMGirls 2010/14UMagnus FC (CS)L 1-2Hawaii SA (HI)
8:30AMBoys 2008/16UWashington Rush (WA)1-3 WStrikers FC Orange (CS)
10:30AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UAlbion SC Las Vegas (NV)1-1 DDowney FC (CS)
10:30AMBoys 2007/17UHawaii Rush (HI)3-1 LSoCal Elite High Desert (CS)
10:30AMBoys 2008/16UHawaii Rush (HI)3-1 LStrikers FC North (CS)
10:30AMBoys 2011/13UFC Hawaii (HI)6-3 LPlatinum IE (CS)
10:30AMGirls 2007/17ULeahi SC (HI)0-2 WDrako FC (CS)
10:30AMGirls 2008/16UIdaho Rush SC (ID)2-1 LLos Angeles SC (CS)
12:00PMGirls 2009/15UIgnite Rebel Elite (UT)1-1 DCoastal Valley SC Surf (CS)
12:30PMBoys 2010/14UAlaska Rush (AK)0-9 WOxnard FC (CS)
2:00PMGirls 2007/17UAC Brea (CS)L 0-6Utah Surf (UT)
2:30PMBoys 2008/16USoCal Elite High Desert (CS)W 5-0CCV Stars (AZ)
Bracket Play – Day 2 | Saturday – June 22, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score  Away Team
8:00AMGirls 2007/17UDrako FC (CS)L 1-3Global SA (ID)
8:30AMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC North (CS)W 4-2Ajax United (CN)
8:30AMGirls 2007/17UVegas United SC (NV)9-0 LAC Brea (CS)
8:30AMGirls 2009/15UCoastal Valley SC Surf (CS)D 1-1Whatcom FC Rangers (WA)
10:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19USheridan County SC (WY)D 1-1Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
10:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UDowney FC (CS)W 5-0Silicon Valley Eagles (CN)
10:00AMGirls 2008/16UEagles SC (CS)L 0-4Northwest United FC (WA)
10:30AMBoys 2011/13ULa Roca FC (UT)2-1 LPlatinum IE (CS)
10:30AMGirls 2008/16UElite Development Academy (CS)W 3-1Pajaro Valley YSC (CN)
12:00PMGirls 2008/16ULos Angeles SC (CS)W 2-0Utah Soccer Alliance (UT)
12:00PMGirls 2010/14ULeahi SC (HI)2-1 LMagnus FC (CS)
12:30PMBoys 2008/16UWashington Rush (WA)1-3 WSoCal Elite High Desert (CS)
12:30PMBoys 2010/14UOxnard FC (CS)W 4-1CCV Stars (AZ)
2:00PMBoys 2007/17USoCal Elite High Desert (CS)W 2-1Prime SC (NV)
2:00PMBoys 2008/16UCCV Stars (AZ)1-4 WStrikers FC North (CS)
2:30PMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC Orange (CS)L 0-3Hawaii Rush (HI)
2:30PMGirls 2006/2005 18U/19UApple Valley SC Storm (CS)L 3-4Whatcom FC Rangers (WA)

See our photos from the Far West Regionals Bracket Play Day Two here.

Bracket Play – Day 1 | Friday – June 21, 2024
HST*Age/GenderHome Team Score Away Team
8:00AMBoys 2008/16UAjax United (CN)0-1 WStrikers FC Orange (CS)
8:00AMGirls 2006/2005 18U/19UOregon Premier FC (OR)3-5 WApple Valley SC Storm (CS)
8:30AMBoys 2011/13USaints SA (OR)4-0 LPlatinum IE (CS)
8:30AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UUtah Blitzz FC (UT)2-2 DDowney FC (CS)
10:00AMBoys 2006/2005 18U/19UFBSL Tuzos (AZ)1-2 WApple Valley SC Storm (CS)
10:00AMGirls 2010/14UMagnus FC (CS)L 1-4Hawaii Rush (HI)
10:30AMBoys 2007/17USoCal Elite High Desert (CS)W 3-0.Westside Metros (OR)
10:30AMBoys 2010/14UAlbion SC Silicon Valley (CN)0-9 WOxnard FC (CS)
10:30AMGirls 2009/15UFlagstaff Revolution (AZ)2-3 WCoastal Valley SC Surf (CS)
12:00PMGirls 2007/17USouth Cache SL (UT)2-2 DDrako FC (CS)
12:00PMGirls 2008/16UNorthwest United FC (WA)1-4 WLos Angeles SC (CS)
12:30PMGirls 2007/17UAC Brea (CS)L 0-8Idaho Rush SC (ID)
2:00PMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC Orange (CS)W 2-1CCV Stars (AZ)
2:00PMBoys 2008/16UStrikers FC North (CS)W 3-1Washington Rush (WA)
2:00PMGirls 2008/16UGlobal SA (ID)0-2 WElite Development Academy (CS)
2:30PMBoys 2008/16USoCal Elite High Desert (CS)L 1-2Hawaii Rush (HI)
2:30PMGirls 2008/16UIdaho Rush SC (ID)4-1 LEagles SC (CS)

To see the full Far West Regional Championship schedule for all teams, visit https://system.gotsport.com/org_event/events/27699.

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