Liam O’Connell & Carrie Taylor of USL Academy on this week’s “The Bear & the Ball” podcast

The United Soccer League is one of the most innovative, progressive leagues in world soccer.

Their esteemed USL Academy program has already provided opportunities for players to attain their dreams of playing at the next level.

On this episode of “The Bear & the Ball,” Liam O’Connell and Carrie Taylor, Technical Directors of the USL Academy pathway, discuss the growth and future plans of their Academy program.

Liam O'Connell

With the launch of USL Academy, United Soccer League now has an elite youth platform to offer to its clubs in the Championship, League One, and League Two.

As such, these clubs can now develop a more clearly defined path for top youth prospects in their area to reach the professional level and sign directly with their senior team while improving local quality and community.

Carrie Taylor

The USL Academy brand is composed of four key components: Standards, USL Academy Contracts, USL Academy Cup, and USL Academy League.

For more about USL Academy, visit here.

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