Get to Know the 2024 Cal South Board Position Nominees – Voting Closes Jan. 18th

This is a reminder to all Cal South Affiliate Member leagues and clubs that the Voting Period for electing two (2) positions on the 2024 Cal South Board of Directors closes on Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. PT.

But who is running for those open Board positions this time around? Luckily, we have the biographies for all five nominees at hand. So, whether you are an Affiliate Member league or club president, or someone who has the ear of their league or club president, you can read through each biographical statement and make an informed decision about who you wish to have join the Cal South Board this year.

Here are the names and links to the biographies of all five nominees in alphabetical order by last name…

Cal South Affiliate Member league and club presidents should have already received a voting link email from CalSouth@tieivote.com, which includes their voting ballot, along with links to biographical statements for each candidate. There is a chance that the email from tieivote.com may go into a spam folder, so we ask that all Affiliate Member presidents keep a sharp look out for their elections email wherever it may land.

Elections are extremely important at any level, whether local, regional, national, or even organizational, such as within Cal South. Only the president of an Affiliate Member league or club may vote in this election, but if you are a board member within that league or club, you likely have a vested interest in its outcome. Please check with your organization’s president and remind them to vote before January 18th.

If you feel strongly about the future of both youth and adult soccer in Southern California, electing the right nominees to join the board should be a priority, as they will be involved in determining the course of the association through the following year.

Cal South 2024 Election Calendar

All election voting will take place solely through electronic balloting, with ballots being sent directly to all active and credentialed voting members. Election updates and information are sent to all Cal South members in good standing throughout the election process.

Please send any further questions regarding the annual nomination and election process to elections@calsouth.com. You can also contact the following committee members and Cal South staffers with your election questions:

To visit the Bylaws, Rules & Regulations page on CalSouth.com, click here.


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