Evolve1’s Toni Owens is our guest this week on Cal South’s “The Bear & the Ball” podcast

Toni Owens is the CEO and founder of Evolve1 and has a passion for the mental side of sports.

Elite athletes see, understand, and react to the game in a way that sets them apart. Evolve1 trains athletes to develop these “invisible skills” using an intuitive, personalized E1 mental training delivered on a daily basis.

On this episode of “The Bear & the Ball,” Toni and host Nick Webster look at the science and business of mental health in the soccer environment.

About Toni Owens & Evolve1:

Toni Owens is a strategic executive currently working as CEO-Founder of EVOLVE1. Along with her experience from the highly acclaimed The Pacific Institute she has an extensive background in high performance sports consulting as well as business strategy.

Evolve1, an innovative sports platform for youth athletes, provides world-class youth mental training videos and lessons to help build self-esteem and confidence in sports and life. The revolutionary smartphone application provides daily mental conditioning training designed specifically for young athletes. Evolve1’s curriculum is research-backed and informed by contributions from top sports psychologists and performance coaches. The Evolve1 multi-sport team app is available on iOS and Android platformsFollow Evolve1 on social media via Instagram. To learn more about how Evolve1 can help teams, leagues or organizations, visit Evolve1.com.

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