CONCACAF Bigger Game Teams with Cal South for Gold Cup Event in San Diego

San Diego, CA (July 17, 2023) – Soccer has the power to change lives. 

In San Diego this past week, CONCACAF and Cal South partnered in spreading the message of CONCACAF’s exciting new platform ‘Bigger Game’ and focusing on Sport 4 Development and harnessing the power of soccer for social change.

Led by the CONCACAF Director of Development, former Premier League and Grenada international, Jason Roberts, MBE, the ‘Bigger Game’ believes in using sport as a vehicle for social change through community events and relationships. Important topics such as women’s empowerment, safeguarding, child protection, mental wellness, and the development of soccer sessions have the power to link sport skills to life skills. Teaching and enforcing these skills through soccer transcends into the home, classroom, and the community to empower confident world changers.

The goal of the program is simple, concise and embodies the ethos of CONCACAF and Cal South. The promotion of social cohesion, teamwork, trust, resilience, effort, discipline, respect, and healthy living throughout the CONCACAF region by increasing access to opportunities through football/soccer and social responsibility initiatives.

A coaches education workshop was delivered by Concacaf Educators and Cal South coaches, Mike Chin and Sarah Garcia, and was then followed by a girl’s youth soccer festival with over 100 young girls participating.

CONCACAF CSR coordinator, Jennifer Roche said, “It was a fantastic event that demonstrated our determination to make a difference in the lives of young female players.” 

Nick Webster, Cal South Chair  added, “We are committed to bringing CONCACAF’s ‘Bigger Game’ to all of Southern California and beyond. It was an honor to work with such a fantastic team who want to see this beautiful game played by everyone”.

For more on the Bigger Game, please visit https://www.concacaf.com/biggergame/

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