Club Admins Now Have a Streamlined Process For Training Requirements!

Cal South has now been given permission by US Soccer to direct all team administrators into the US Soccer Learning Center (LC) in order to complete their training requirements. This is a HUGE win for all Cal South members as it will eliminate the need for admins to create several different profiles within different platforms as well as create a positive experience for all members.

Instead of members needing to create profiles within CDC, NFHS or SafeSport- they will simply need to create their US Soccer National profile.

Then the only profiles needed will be their State profile (Cal South) and their National profile (US Soccer).

Upon completing their trainings- the admin will be able to update their own training verifications by going back into their Cal South profile to click on one button: “Get Learning Center Updates“. 

This will eliminate the need for registrars to deal with countless files to upload and verify!

We have created an Administrator Checklist for all clubs to post online or distribute. Click on the checklist in your preferred language below…

Administrator Checklist: English List | Spanish List

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