CaptainU’s Danny Carlton is our guest this week on Cal South’s “The Bear & the Ball” podcast

From the rugby fields to paving the way to college and playing the sport of your dreams, CaptainU’s Danny Carlton has seen it all. A Manchester native who was part of the Manchester United Academy program while being a Liverpool supporter, Danny excels in high performance and development environments.

On this episode of “The Bear & the Ball,” Danny and host Nick Webster talk about how challenging it is for parents and scholars to find the right college at the right time.

About CaptainU:

CaptainU is the new Official College Recruiting Software to Cal South and its youth soccer community. CaptainU, a self-managed recruiting software tool within the Stack Sports ecosystem, provides athletes with the best way to contact college coaches and find high-quality college camps. 

CaptainU empowers athletes to take their game to the next level through recruiting and discovery tools to connect with clubs, events, and colleges. More than 3.5 million high school athletes, college coaches, club coaches, and tournament directors have used CaptainU tools to network, build relationships, and build championship teams. CaptainU was founded in 2008 and continues to power the recruiting journey for all levels – including National Champion college programs, national governing bodies, and state-level partners –across all college sports. To learn more about CaptainU, visit CaptainU.com.  

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