Cal South State Cup & National Cup: Results and Scores

Southern California’s biggest soccer tournaments have come to a thrilling climax after a fantastic cup season.

The Cal South State Cup and National Cup season is one of the most exciting periods on our calendar every year. These competitions provide opportunities for our most talented young stars to showcase their skills. We continue to be blown away by the standard of the youth teams, players, and coaches in Cal South.

This year, we promised to deliver bigger and better tournaments than ever before, and we did. This was one of the most memorable State and National Cup runs in years. 

Thanks to all teams who participated and best of luck to those who advanced to the next phases of the tournaments. We’re rooting for you!

Below, you’ll find a recap of all the finals.

State Cup
Division Age Group Champions Finalists Score
Presidents Boys 2008/15U AVSC Storm Cal Stars Power Evolution FC 4-0
Presidents Boys 2007/16U TUSA Soccer Club Inter-America Anaheim 1-1 (5-4 PKs)
Presidents Boys 2006/17U DTLA Milan EFC Academy 3-2
Presidents Boys 2005/18U Sporting FC Blue Dynami NHFC Juventus 2-0
Presidents Boys 2005/19U Inter America Halcones FC FC Man United 3-0
Presidents Girls 2008/15U Moorpark Express LA Power 5-2
Presidents Girls 2007/16U Sporting CA USA CV Jewel City United 2-0
Presidents Girls 2006/17U MSA FC United Alliance Drako 2-1
Presidents Girls 2005/18U Rialto Fire Red West Covina FC 3-1
Presidents Girls 2004/19U UIFC Fusion FC FFSC 2-0
Governors Girls 2006/17U Universal SC Moval  Freedom SC 9-0
Governors Girls 2008/15U AYSO United Central Coast Condors 3-2
Governors Boys 2006/17U Olimpico FC Alliance Drako 1-0
Governors Boys 2007/16U SPFC-Extreme Legends Futbol Academy 3-2
Governors Boys 2008/15U Crusaders FC Dowtown LA 2-0
Presidents Boys 2014/9U PYSO Paramount FC Jewel City United 5-1
Presidents Boys 2013/10U La Esperanza CYSA Coachella 3-0
Presidents Boys 2012/11U Oaks FC Oxnard Football Club 1-0
Presidents Boys 2011/12U Juventus Academy Los Angeles Xplosion SC 5-0
Presidents Girls 2013/10U Strikers FC Orange Sandoval Santa Barbara SC 8-0
Presidents Girls 2012/11U PDSC Titans Football Club 2-1
Presidents Girls 2011/12U CUSC AYSO United Rancho Conejo 4-1
Mayors Boys 2014/9U Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club Santa Barbara SC 2-1
Mayors Boys 2013/10U Juventus Academy Los Angeles VC Fusion YSA 7-1
Mayors Boys 2012/11U Fellowship of Christian Athletes Total Futbol Academy VC 4-3
Mayors Girls 2014/9U Eagles Soccer Club PDSC 8-2
Mayors Girls 2013/10U Oxnard United Soccer Club  AVSC Storm Black 2-0
Mayors Girls 2012/11U AYSO United Rancho Conejo JUSA Select Girls 0-0 (3-1 PKs)
Mayors Girls 2011/12U Necaxa USA Xplosion SC 2-1
Mayors Girls 2010/13U Fontana Football Club CVSC Thunder 1-0 (OT)
Mayors Girls 2009/14U Los Angeles Soccer Club DCSC Apple Valley 2-1
Mayors Boys 2011/12U Unico Football Club CSLO 1-0
Presidents Boys 2010/13U LAPSL Lightening Soccer 2-0
Presidents Boys 2009/14U Necaxa USA DTLA 5-4
Presidents Girls 2010/13U Eagles Soccer Club Simi Valley S.C. Eclipse 1-0
Presidents Girls 2009/14U CVSC Vipers San Diego Futbol Club 1-0
Mayors Boys 2010/13U Pumas USA Albion S.C. Central Cal. 1-0
Mayors Boys 2009/14U Xplosion SC Gladiadores FC 4-2
National Cup
Division Age Group Champions Finalists Score
National Cup Youngers Boys 2010/13U Oxnard Football Club SoCal Elite FC 3-1
National Cup Youngers Boys 2009/14U Xplosion SC LASC Elite  2-2 (4-2 PKs)
National Cup Youngers Girls 2009/14U AVSC Storm Academy Colton America SC 3-0
National Cup Olders Girls 2008/15U AVSC Storm  Eagles Soccer Club 1-0
National Cup Olders Girls 2007/16U Ventura County United  Laguna FC 1-0
National Cup Olders Girls 2006/17U Strikers FC North NVSC Breakaway 2-0
National Cup Olders Girls 2005/18U Legends FC Simi Valley SC 4-2
National Cup Olders Boys 2008/15U Albion SC Central Central Coast Condors 3-1
National Cup Olders Boys 2007/16U Titans Football Club Futbol Legacy Wolves Norwalk 2-1
National Cup Olders Boys 2006/17U UIFC Laguna FC Academy AVSC Storm Academy 3-0
National Cup Olders Boys 2005/18U Olympiacos Academy Santa Barbara SC 1-0
National Cup Olders Boys 2004/19U Inland Surf Fellowship of Christian Athletes 3-0

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