Cal South & Prime announce partnership to provide high-performance hydration to Southern California soccer players

Official Press Release – February 27, 2024

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Cal South & Prime announce partnership to
provide high-performance hydration to
Southern California soccer players

PRIME has become the official hydration drink of Southern California’s youth and adult state soccer association, Cal South, to provide players with a top-notch drink that boosts the performance of pro athletes in world-renowned teams.

Fullerton, CA (February 27, 2024) – Cal South is delighted to announce its partnership with Logan Paul and KSI’s widely popular beverage brand, PRIME. This collaboration promises to lift players’ performance with a healthier sports drink that gives young athletes the boost they need to take their game to the next level, stepping away from traditional sugary athletic beverages. 


“Cal South is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with PRIME Hydration. This collaboration signifies a commitment to health, performance, and community,” said Nick Webster, chair of Cal South’s Board of Directors. “As Cal South continues to empower athletes, PRIME will fuel our players with the energy they need to achieve peak performance on and off the field.”

As part of the partnership, PRIME Hydration drinks will be available at Cal South’s tournaments to aid players with their overall physical recovery. PRIME Hydration hit shelves in early 2022 and is the brand’s healthy sports drink alternative. Hydration not only helps to fuel athletes, but aids in overall recovery. With zero added sugar, 10% coconut water, BCAAs, electrolytes, antioxidants, and more, Hydration has quickly made itself a staple in the beverage brand market.


“We’re thrilled to be continuing our commitment to youth sports through our latest partnership with Cal South,” said PRIME. “Soccer is a world-renowned game with international fans spanning the globe, and PRIME Hydration provides the necessary fuel for top athletes including those that play for Barcelona, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich. We know Cal South is providing their players with the best of the best when it comes to fuel and we look forward to helping the newest generation of soccer players become the stars of tomorrow.”

In joining forces with PRIME Hydration, Cal South takes a significant step towards prioritizing the well-being and performance of its players. This partnership not only signifies a commitment to excellence on the field but also highlights a shared dedication to health, community, and the future of soccer by giving young players the tools they need to reach their full potential. With PRIME Hydration’s support, Cal South is ready to elevate the game and nurture the talents of Southern California’s soccer stars.

Cal South and PRIME share an ambitious plan to fuel the growth of soccer throughout Southern California ahead of the World Cup arriving Stateside in 2026, with the Olympics also on the horizon for the region.

To learn more about PRIME, visit https://drinkprime.com/.

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