Cal South Hosts Inaugural All-Spanish Hispanic Leaders Summit in Carson, CA

Carson, CA (December 20th, 2022) – Cal South (California State Soccer Association – South) held its inaugural Hispanic Summit at Carson Event Center on December 11th. As part of Cal South’s commitment to the Diversity, Equity, Including, and Belonging (DEIB) initiative, this event was arranged to forge and strengthen relationships with the Spanish-speaking representatives of the southern California soccer community. 

The event was well attended, with over 70 guests representing upwards of 350 teams. After some refreshments and plenty of World Cup chat, the summit got underway where critical topics were discussed, including Cal South’s initiatives for the underserved Hispanic community in southern California, as well as the upcoming programs to help increase their involvement in soccer in 2023 and beyond. 

Cal South is working hard on the ground and behind the scenes to not only provide more opportunities to the Hispanic community, but also to strengthen our ties and highlight the benefits of joining the Association and participating in our leagues, tournaments, events, and programs. Other important focuses of the summit were:

  • New programs for entry & development levels
  • Exit strategies for older players
  • Cal South’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) 
  • Scholarship access and pathways
  • Safe Sport
  • Referee education and certification

On the day, we had excellent contributions from Cal South staff, guest speakers, and Cal South Soccer Foundation representatives. Discussions were led by:

  • Terry Fisher – Cal South CEO
  • Juan Ignacio Blanco – Business Development & Strategy, VP DEIB Program Director
  • Diogo Gama – Cal South Soccer Director
  • Jordan Schweitzer – Cal South Soccer Foundation Executive Director
  • Oscar Mota – Tournament Coordinator 
  • Roberto García Orozco – Retired FMF Referee

In addition, we had insightful input from attendees, making for a truly beneficial gathering for all parties. The open discourse and collaboration have helped bring Cal South closer to the Hispanic soccer leaders in our region. We look forward to our next Hispanic Leaders Summits in January 2023: 

  • Ventura, January 22nd, 2023
  • Calexico, January 23rd, 2023

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