Cal South Announces Trace As New Exclusive Video Partner

Multi-Year Agreement Spotlights Trace's Personal Soccer Highlight Technology to Cal South's Membership

FULLERTON, Calif. (June 14, 2023) – Cal South (California State Soccer Association – South) is pleased to announce a new multi-year agreement making Trace the organization’s new Exclusive Video Partner.

Trace’s PlayerFocus video technology is renowned for its ability to seamlessly identify, follow, and spotlight an individual player during a game and then automatically deliver a playlist of highlights to that player’s parents with their son or daughter featured front and center.

“Trace is excited to partner with Cal South to make video more accessible to clubs, players, and families across the state,” said David Lokshin, CEO of Trace. “With a customized playlist created for every player, Trace is the best and easiest way to empower players and coaches for one-on-one feedback, personal development, sharing with friends and family, and recruiting. Southern California is where Trace was founded and we look forward to helping players grow and unlock opportunities along their soccer journey.”

The three-year partnership will bring special discounted rates on leasing Trace PlayerFocus cameras to Cal South members, and sponsorship as well as co-marketing opportunities benefitting Cal South’s programs and, ultimately, its members in return.

“I am delighted to welcome the Trace team to our organization,” said Cal South chair, Nick Webster. “Having been an early adopter of Trace I can testify to the benefits it has given the players I have coached. Coaches, players, and parents love watching highlights and Trace is the best there is at providing those unforgettable moments.”

To learn more about Trace PlayerFocus, please visit www.traceup.com.

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