Cal South and IberCup will allow Cal South Teams to Compete on the International Stage

The brand new partnership will give Cal South teams the chance to travel abroad, train and play in Europe, in international IberCup competitions. 

Los Angeles, CA (November 17th, 2022) – IberCup and Cal South (California State Soccer Association – South) are pleased to announce a partnership to offer Cal South teams the opportunity to travel and play in Europe through International Exposure (XP). The countdown for the 2022-2023 IberCup Tournament has already begun, with Cal South players and coaches set to embark on international soccer adventures over the coming months. 

IberCup is one of the largest and most important International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments on the planet. These competitions have the finest youth soccer talent on display and feature the best Football Academy Clubs and Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations around the world. 

IberCup not only gives players and teams opportunities to travel and compete, but it also paves pathways for Cal South members to establish themselves on the global scene. In addition, IberCup offers Teams and Family Top Travel Packages to Portugal, Spain, and Brazil for high-quality sports, tourism, and cultural experiences. 

If you want to get more details on IberCup tournaments and stay updated on the latest news of the biggest tournaments in the world, click here and explore the IberCup International Exposure Website For Cal South Members. 

“This is a huge opportunity and IberCup is thrilled to partner with Southern California’s largest youth soccer association.” said Filipe Rodrigues, CEO & Founder of IberCup. “Providing Cal South players with the inspirational and motivational experience with their youth team and group in our Tournaments will be a fantastic opportunity for all the teams. In addition, for Cal South players, they will have the opportunity to compete with the best teams in the World.” 

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