Urgent Requirement for Cal South Coaches and Admins to Fulflill Risk Management Obligations

As the premier youth soccer organization in the United States, Cal South maintains the highest possible standards in relation to the safety of our players, coaches, administrators, and member families. One of our most important duties is to protect our members with stringent risk management protocols. 

Fingerprinting is an obligation for coaches, administrators, and other individuals assigned to our teams. This process is mandated by the State of California for all organizations that deal with youth participants. Applications must be cleared by the California Department of Justice. Cal South has adopted this mandatory requirement since 2004. 

Failing to fulfill these requirements prohibits individuals from being assigned to teams. 

Who is Required to Fulfill Risk Management Obligations?

Risk management obligations, like fingerprinting, apply to team administrators, including but not limited to coaches, trainers, managers, parents, and all adults who have access to youth members. Moreover, these individuals must go through risk management processes prior to being assigned to their teams. 

Cal South has issued requests and reminders to several members. However, many administrators are yet to fulfill the requirements. This statement serves as a reminder to complete all risk management protocols. Failing to do so will result in administrators being removed from teams. 

Cal South staff are working diligently to have all administrators approved through our system. 

How To Complete Fingerprint Scanning

Click here to fill out a Live Scan form. To complete the process, you will need a Cal South Live Scan form, an official government ID (driver’s license or passport) with a photo, and $15.00. We will update your Cal South profile as soon as the clearance comes through.

Contact: Christie Paulson, Compliance Manager, Risk Management Chairman, & PAD Chairman

Phone: (714)-872-1393

Email: cpaulson@calsouth.com

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