Sporting California USA Set to Establish Two New TOPSoccer Programs

Sporting California Coaches, Olivia Timpson and Jeremy Healey, are set to launch brand new TOPSoccer programs in Corona and Ventura Counties. This exciting news means there will be even more access to crucial soccer programming for TOPSoccer athletes. Both programs will provide their own fields for games and practices. TOPSoccer is thrilled with the announcement and the opportunities the programs will open up for local families. 

Speaking about the prospect of new TOPSoccer communities in the area, Sporting California BOD, Lisa Looney and P.J. Brown, offered their full backing: 

“Sporting California fully supports these two coaches in the TOP Soccer program.  What a great opportunity this will be for the families of these players to join a program that is locally run in their communities and have them play a sport that we all love and enjoy.”

The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer) is a community-based recreational soccer program that fosters an inclusive environment where neurodiverse youth and young people with physical disabilities can fully participate in soccer. Cal South has been involved with TOPSoccer since 1991. It’s hard not to marvel at how these programs bring soccer players together and provide further encouragement to those who refuse to let their challenges stop them from playing the sport they love.

TOPSoccer is a tight-knit community where you can always put a face to a name. Each program relies heavily on help provided by “buddies.” Anyone can be a TOPSoccer Buddy: parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or friends. No soccer experience is necessary. 

Volunteers can also become coaches through a straightforward, standardized process. Moreover, TOPSoccer provides a US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Coaching Certification Course at no cost. 

If you want to take things a step further and set up your own TOPSoccer Program, contact Sandy directly: Sandy Castillo, TOPSoccer Chair: 657-378-8606, scastillo@calsouth.com

All Cal South representatives wish Olivia, Jeremy, and TOPSoccer our best wishes in establishing the new programs. 

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