PITZ & Cal South Team Up to Create Pro-Level Highlights for Your Players

California State Soccer Association – South (Cal South) announces a partnership with Parents In The Zone (PITZ) to provide members with short, fun, and shareable clips of their kids’ sports games that they were craving.

We have some exciting news to take your youth soccer experience to the next level. In today’s fast-paced world, plain and ordinary youth sports videos may just not cut it.

That’s why we’re teaming up with PITZ, the platform that transforms your everyday games into high-energy, professional-style sports highlights designed especially for young athletes and parents alike! And to kick it off, we have a special introductory offer exclusively for our Cal South members!

They work their magic in four simple steps:

  1. PITZ extracts the exhilarating highlights from any portable camera.

  2. They supercharge the resolution and tweak the colors for maximum impact.

  3. Then, they sprinkle in some awesome visual effects – think explosions, fire, lightning, and more.

  4. And finally, they bring in pro-level commentary (Spanish and English) for that extra edge.

So, what does this mean for you? Whether you’re a league president, coach, or parent, you can turn your team and players’ own on-field moments into easily shareable spectacular highlights, with professional graphics and amazing audio commentary.

Want a sneak preview of what’s in store for your teams? Watch now!

PITZ and Cal South share a common goal: to make soccer a memorable experience for everyone. Now you can turn your unforgettable moments into shareable content. With PITZ first-of-its-kind unique experience, every Cal South player gets to be a star.


Through this partnership, Cal South teams get priority access to a free trial game and a 10% off on their subscription.

Also the first 3 clubs/teams to apply will get 3 months of free service for your games.

We have limited availability for 10 more Cal South affiliated clubs this October, so don’t wait! Be among the first to register and secure your club’s place today!

Stay tuned to our emails and social channels for more updates on this exciting partnership, including Founders Club special offers, and start creating and sharing your soccer memories today!

Find out more by emailing co-founder Rafa at rafael@pitz.io and our site at www.pitz.ai.

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