2023-2024 Insurance

Field Certificate of Insurance (COI), or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, city recreations departments, and private businesses before they issue a “Use Permit” to any organization requesting permission to use their fields or facilities.

To download and fill out a Field Certificate of Insurance, click here.

The insurance claims process has changed. All injury claims must now be entered online. This will improve the speed and accuracy of processing your injury claim.

Follow this link to submit your claim and access any resources related to your player accident insurance coverage, including instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to initiate the Cal South Insurance Claim Process, please follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Download and fill out the appropriate Insurance Claim Questionnaire:

Upon receipt and verification that this is for a Cal South Registered Player, and that the incident took place at a Sanctioned Cal South event, the Cal South Corporate Office will forward the necessary forms to initiate the official claims process.

STEP TWO: Complete and file the actual claim forms. Information on how to file is included on each form.

STEP THREE: Upon receipt of the forms by our insurance carrier, they will finalize the claims process and notify you accordingly. A valid Social Security Number, Visa, or Green Card is mandatory for the claim process to begin. We recommend you keep a copy of the paperwork you send to the TPA for claim filing.

Other Youth Insurance Info:

Youth Program Insurance Snapshot – 2023-2024

Camps & Clinics

Camps & Clinics Non-Registered Youth Soccer Accident Claim Form 2023-2024
Formulario de Reclamo de Seguro Por Accidentes Ocurridos en Clinicas y Campamentos No Registrados 2023-2024

Insurance Contacts

P.O. Box 25987
Shawnee Mission, KS 66225-5987
P: (800) 551-0824
F: (866) 893-8574
Email: ahclaims@aig.com

If you have any questions, please contact Cal South Administrative Services at administrativeservices@calsouth.com.