Cal South Soccer Foundation Seeks to Aid PE Teachers & Instructors with Training & Equipment

First 5 Respondents to This Email (Who Meet the Criteria)
Will Receive Foundation Support for Their Programs

The Cal South Soccer Foundation currently has funds available to support the training cost and soccer supplies for five (5) members of Cal South who are either PE (Physical Education) teachers or are individuals who run PE programs at their local elementary/middle schools.

The funds go towards the costs of:

  • Instruction fee covered for the teacher’s online training
  • Soccer balls (qty: 30), ball pump, 2 mini-goals, 50 cones, and 15 pinnies (training/scrimmage jerseys)

We have funds to support the first 5 responses to this email that meet our criteria. If you are a PE teacher or an individual that runs a PE program for an elementary/middle school and are interested in receiving this support to add or expand soccer within your program, please email the following details to Jordan Schweitzer at jschweitzer@calsouth.com:

  • Name
  • School/District
  • Grades served
  • Estimated # of days/weeks soccer is an emphasis of your lesson plans
  • Estimated # of students served (school year total)
  • Any previous experience with soccer (Yes/No and then please explain in brief overview)
  • School address to ship equipment (we will use only if you are one of the first 5 to respond)

To learn more about the In-School Soccer Program you can visit: https://ussoccerfoundation.org/school/

We will also create a waiting list and keep contact information for those interested who miss out on this opportunity for future courses and training.

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