Cal South League & Club VIP Updates – March 4, 2024

March 4, 2024

2024-2025 Affiliate Renewal Application Now Open!

Please remember that although a League or Club Registrar can fill out the majority of this application, the League or Club’s President will need to sign any club waivers and agreements.

You can get started by clicking here.

Player Registration Fee Increase

As a friendly reminder of the announcement that was sent out at the end of December 2023, player registration fees did take a slight increase for the upcoming Fall 2024-2025 season.

Cal South has installed a modest increase of $1 for Competitive players, but held Recreational player fees steady at $12.00 for Fall and Spring. The recreational $12.00 for Spring removes a current discount of $2 for Rec Spring.

Updated fees are posted on our website here.

General Liability Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Fee Reinstatement

As the COVID pandemic affected the entire soccer landscape, Cal South had paused the Field Liability Insurance fee in our efforts to aid all Affiliate Leagues and Clubs during a difficult time. Thankfully, we have all been adjusting to experiencing the new “normal” as we have moved forward with soccer.

At this point we will now be reinstating a fee for Field Liability Insurance certificates and hope you all take the time to review our updated request form here.

For an overview of insurance benefits, please click here.

Registrar Landing Page Update

Stack Sports will continue to make ongoing improvements to our registration system. Apart from them working on functionality, aesthetics will also play a major part in their updates.

Please note that the Classic View we are all used to seeing on the Association side of the system will soon be transitioning out and the Dashboard View will remain as the main landing login for Registrars reviewing the compliance items for Admins.

We have not yet received the final day when the Classic View will end, however all the same functions remain within the Dashboard View and more. Do start getting used to the Dashboard View if you have not already started using it as soon it will be the only option.

If you have any questions as to where items are located, please contact us at administrativeservices@calsouth.com.

Updated Player & Team Admin Registration Forms

Please take the time to download our updated Player Registration forms to start using them immediately. They include our current logo and updated waiver. Team Admins also have their own updated form, but this online version has been added as another option.

Click the image above

As a resource for League and Club Registrars, now any Admin can convert their parent profile into an Administrator profile as they prepare to coach for the first time.

A new member can also create their initial Cal South profile in preparation for your club! This will help your Team Admins have that administrator profile available with the necessary fields in order for the system to automatically update trainings they are completing when using the Administrator Checklist.

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