Travel Requests

Cal South Updated Team Travel Requirements

Due to the current fluid circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Cal South has updated its travel requirements and administrative process to facilitate Cal South affiliate clubs and leagues. Cal South will continue to evaluate the situation and make further adjustments as warranted.

Travel will only be approved and authorized for events which are sanctioned by US soccer and or its affiliate members. Travel will only be authorized for those club’s affiliate teams, players, administrators etc. who are properly registered with Cal south for the current registration year and who have demonstrated compliance with all Cal south requirements.

Request for all travel including any non-Cal South and non-US youth soccer sanctioned events, must be submitted via the StackSports online system five (5) business days prior to departure.

Please Note– Travel Requests within the US Youth Soccer West Region area are not required at this time, with the exception of those tournaments that mandate approved team travel requests. States included in the West Region are the following: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Cal South will continue to evaluate the situation and make further adjustments as warranted.


Travel Papers Process

For a step-by-step guide on how to submit Team Travel Request, please click here.

What Cal South will Verify within the System

  1. Cal South Travel Request were submitted through the system.
  2. Teams must be activated without violations within the Cal South Registration System.
  3. Tournament is approved & sanctioned through US Youth, US Club, USSSA or other US Soccer affiliated member.


Player Loan Forms

Depending on each individual tournaments’ rules regarding loaned players, you may need to submit a loan player form as well as the team travel request. There are two circumstances when you may need a loan player form.

  • If the player is a Cal South member and the team participating in that tournament is a different Cal South team than the one which player is currently registered to, then this form would need to be filled out and signed for a tournament out of state. This is signed off by club registrar.
  • If the player is a Cal South member and the team is from a different State participating in a tournament outside of California, then they would need this form filled out and signed. This is signed off by Cal South and the other State Association.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the administrative services group at administrativeservices@calsouth.com. Amendments. Amendments may be made to your travel papers by logging back into Cal self all my registration system. Scroll all the way down to the travel request section and click on edit next to the application in question. Your current papers will show up. You will then be able to edit the transfer roster and resubmit it to corporate office. Please note we can only guarantee approval for rosters are submitted no less than five days prior to your departure for the tournament in question.