ODP Player Pools – Training Squads Prepare for Upcoming Summer ID Events

All ODP Player Pools have now been released ahead of a busy summer schedule, which will feature 12 squads (2007-2012) representing Southern California.

Following the release of the 2007 and 2008 Cal South Pro+ ODP Player Pools last week, we’re now officially entering a crucial period for our players. Over the next month, all player groups will complete their training camps before the final squads are selected for July’s Regional Summer ID Events. The talent among ODP pools this year is incredible, demonstrating the phenomenal work being done at club level throughout southern California.

Every single player selected in the ODP Player Pools was picked for a reason. Cal South Director, Steve Hoffman, urges ODP participants to continue working hard and maintain high standards during the coming weeks. While only 22 players from each pool can be selected for the ODP squad events this summer, participation at any level provides fantastic learning experiences and opportunities to enhance your skill set. 

The ODP program is all about improving individual players in a team game. Cal South ODP coaches want participants to return to their clubs as better players, teammates, and leaders. So, regardless of whether a player is selected for July’s squads, the ODP experience can be a huge benefit for individuals and their clubs.

Next up on the ODP calendar is the Cal South Olympic Development Program’s Summer Elite Player Development Event in Ojai, CA, in July. This is a marquee event that lays the foundations for the rest of the season. 

Boy’s Event: July 6th-9th, the Thacher School, Ojai, CA

Girl’s Event: July 9th-12th, the Thacher School, Ojai, CA

Everyone at Cal South is excited about what’s to come with our ODP squads this year. Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and website for further updates and content over the coming months.

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