2022 Cal South Bylaws Changes

The Cal South Board of Directors has been working diligently for many months to redesign the organization to better serve the soccer world in southern California. By modernizing our business approach and reconfiguring how we do work, we believe we will continue to deliver the best soccer programs available, become more responsive to the needs of our Members, and significantly improve our ability to support the best sport in the world.

On the evening of Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Cal South’s Board of Directors held a special session to vote on moving forward with the process through which changes to the Cal South Bylaws may be ratified by the organization’s Affiliate Member League and Club representatives.

As a result of the Board’s approval at the Jan. 11th session, a voting process is now being presented to all Affiliate Member Leagues and Clubs whose sole purpose is to approve the newly amended Bylaws. As of Friday, January 21, 2022, the Presidents of all Cal South Affiliate Member Leagues and Clubs were sent –– by both physical and electronic means –– materials featuring the aforementioned bylaw changes and a ballot on which to cast their vote to approve those changes.

In order for Bylaw approval to occur, thirty-three percent (33%) of the Membership must first cast a vote in order to achieve a quorum. On top of that, 3/4 of the votes cast must be for approval of the Bylaws changes in order to pass.

On this page, all members of the organization have access to the same Bylaws documents that were sent to League and Club Presidents, and learn why this vote is so important to both the future of Cal South and soccer in Southern California. If you have a wish to contribute positively towards the continued growth of youth and adult soccer in southern California, we urge you to contact your league or club’s president and ask them to VOTE “YES” in this crucial ballot process.

Election Materials Sent to All Affiliate Member League & Club Presidents

Cover Letter by Roy Carlson, Cal South President

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Restated Cal South Bylaws

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To view the current Cal South Bylaws, and other Rules and Regulations documents, visit https://calsouth.com/bylaws/.

Live Member Forum Meeting Schedule

To help our Membership learn about the amended Bylaws and why it is important that leagues and clubs vote for approval of them, Cal South will hold a series of informational online meetings throughout the next month. If you are interested in attending any of these meetings, please click on the links provided below and register for the one that best suits your schedule.

Meeting Date Day Time Meeting Link
1/25/2022 TUE 6:30 PM n/a
1/27/2022 THU 12:00 PM n/a
1/29/2022 SAT 10:00 AM n/a
1/31/2022 MON 6:30 PM n/a
2/02/2022 WED 7:30 PM n/a
2/04/2022 FRI 4:00 PM n/a
2/10/2022 THU 7:00 PM n/a
2/16/2022 WED 6:30 PM n/a

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Bylaws changes are one piece of a four-part recovery plan to significantly improve the performance of Cal South.  The Bylaws changes that are now out for vote modernize the Cal South organization and extract the Board from day-to-day operational concerns.  The Board shifts its focus to business oversight and overall customer satisfaction which need dedicated effort at this time.

The other three parts of the recovery plan are financial stability, customer service, and competitive response.  These areas of work are not connected to the Bylaws changes and are not discussed here.  The four parts of the recovery plan work together towards Cal South performance improvement and will be pursued simultaneously after the Bylaws changes vote is successful.

There are many specific changes in the new Bylaws that are out for vote.  These changes address accountabilities, roles and responsibilities, and Board simplification.  In the current Bylaws, there are duplicate roles between the Board and the CEO/Staff, which lead to inefficient work and stagnation.  The Bylaws changes empower the CEO/Staff with full operational accountability.  The changes also require the CEO/Staff to define and manage a Cal South Member advocacy, adjudication and escalation process.

Regarding Board simplification, the Bylaws changes reduce the number of Directors to seven.  The specific positions of Vice President of Youth, Vice President of Adult, and District Commissioners are eliminated.  The positions of President and Vice President have been re-titled to Chair and Vice Chair; the positions of Secretary and Treasurer remain.

Current Bylaws require Cal South Members to directly appoint all Officers and District Commissioners; specific people into specific positions.  The new Bylaws eliminate this requirement and Members will elect new Directors to join the Board without concern for geography or assignment.  Once assembled, the Directors as a team will appoint specific individual Directors to fill the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The new Bylaws relationships between Members, Directors, Officers, and the CEO work like this:

• Directors serve at the pleasure of Members.  Members vote Directors onto the Board and can also remove Directors from the Board.
• Officers serve at the pleasure of the Board.  The Board appoints Officers to serve in those roles and the Board can remove Officers from those roles.
• The CEO serves at the pleasure of the Board.  The Board hires the CEO and can remove the CEO from that position.  The Cal South Staff serve at the pleasure of the CEO and the CEO can hire/remove staff members as appropriate.

The Bylaws changes are expected to positively impact Cal South Members in the important areas of responsiveness, innovation and grass roots.

Responsiveness will be improved by streamlining or removing things that impede the success of Member businesses and provides for clearer and more specific communications regarding positions and decisions.  This is made possible by retargeting the Board towards oversight, clarifying accountabilities and responsibilities, and Board simplification.  It will also allow for CEO/Staff changes to Rules and Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, and Policy Guidelines that make Cal South easier to work with.

Innovation across Cal South will be encouraged by unleashing the Board from day-to-day activities and commission them with strategy and business development.  Operational innovation will be concentrated with CEO/Staff and Members to identify best practices and game innovations that should be promoted and spread.

Grass Roots activities across Cal South will be encouraged and proliferated by implementing DEI policies that focus on the underserved, the unaffiliated, the poor, and the poorest of the poor.  Additionally, empowering the CEO/Staff with operational total ownership will provide more intense focus on Game Day issues and improvements that should build more day-to-day success across all of Southern California.

There are now two separate Member voting activities happening at the same time in Cal South. The first is the Board/Officer election driven by the current Bylaws and the second is the vote to adopt new Bylaws that were recently reviewed by the Board and have been recommended for Member approval.

The timing of the Board/Officer election is driven by the current Bylaws specification to have elections completed in the first calendar quarter.  That process is currently in the nominations phase and if this election runs normally, elections will be completed on schedule in March.  This is what will happen if the Bylaws changes fail to be adopted by Cal South Members.

However, if the new Bylaws are passed (voting completed in February), the current Bylaws election process will be cancelled and a new election process will be accomplished according to the new Bylaws requirements.  Specific scheduling of these new elections has not been detailed, but a reasonable assumption would be to have the new Board resulting from the new Bylaws elections in place in the vicinity of March/April with a Cal South AGM occurring in that timeframe as well.

Vote packages for the new Bylaws adoption were sent to voting Members on Friday, January 21, 2022.  These packages were sent electronically as well as physically.  The new Bylaws voting period is currently open and voting closes on Feb 22, 2022.  Members can place their vote with the physical ballot form mailed to them or they can choose to place their vote electronically.  The mechanism for electronic/online voting was sent in the email package from the Inspector of Elections.  Each Member can only vote once and the first vote received by the Inspector of Elections will be used.

Voting for the new Bylaws adoption will be completed on Feb 22, 2022 and the results determined and shared across Cal South shortly thereafter.  A successful vote will lead to planning a new Bylaws election and that election will identify new Directors to join the Board.  Current Bylaws require that Board members in the middle of their term will continue to serve until their term completes in 2023, barring any resignations or vacancies that occur.  However, the mid-term Board members will no longer retain their titles/positions and simply become one of the seven Directors on the Board.

When the new Board of mid-term Directors and newly elected Directors meet for the first time, they will work together to identify who among them will fill the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer for the year to come.  Note: the new Bylaws also provide that the Treasurer, due to special knowledge requirements, need not be a Cal South Director.  The Board has the right to bring in an external person to be the Treasurer if that is deemed to be the best course of action.

Once elections are completed and the Board places the Officers, it will be time to orchestrate an AGM and bring membership together with the new Board and leadership team.  This will be an exciting time for Cal South and will signal new beginnings and a time for celebration as Cal South Members, the new Cal South Board and the Cal South CEO/Staff come together to start their recovery planning under the modernized and more robust configuration brought on with the new Bylaws.


If you have any further questions about the Bylaws changes or the Voting Process, you can always send an email to voting@calsouth.com.