Project Description


The Cal South Referee Program’s goal is to create and grow a qualified and well-trained group of referees. These referees will be instructed at and held to the highest standards with the intent of maintaining a safe and enjoyable playing environment for Cal South members of all ages and skill levels. Cal South referees will thoroughly understand and appropriately apply the Laws of the Game. The Cal South Referee Program strives to actively recruit, develop, certify and advance referees for all levels of play.

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Referee-Specific Return-to-Play Guidelines and Roles are now available.

Make sure to read through them, understand them, and follow them.

SafeSport safe reporting is available for our Referee community,

If you notice any misconduct among your colleagues on- or off-the-field, please report it using this link.


Current Certification Year: 2020 –  (2020 badges are good until December 31st, 2020)
Registration for 2021 is now open until June 14th, 2021
2021 referees can start officiating as soon as they receive their badge for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021.


  • Minimum Age: 13
  • Referees who officiate in grassroots and youth competitions, small-sided games, recreational and competitive youth competitions, and adult amateur competitions
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Referees who officiate in competitions organized at regional or provincial level & adult games below the top division. Competitive youth and adult national competitions
  • All youth games and amateur adult games below the top division. Professional leagues Division I or under.
  • Referees who officiate in the professional competitions organized by the Member Association

The U.S. Soccer Federation grade and title of an official will be determined solely by the standards and examinations issued by the U.S. Soccer Referee Committee and the U.S. Soccer Federation Board of Directors. Annual re-examination is required. A referee must officiate at the next – higher level to accumulate experience to be certified competent at that level.

Assignors must exercise care to increase the difficulty level of the game assignments in a gradual and orderly manner for the good of the official and of the players. *International Assistant Referees must wear U.S. Soccer National Referee badge when assigned as referee in domestic matches.


Juan Guzman, Jr.
State Referee Administrator

Lee Eichenbaum
State Director of Instruction

Rick Rehm
State Director of Assessment

Robert Pennoyer
Cal South Board Referee Representative

Andre Wolas
Director of Assignment

Robert Karmann
Committee Secretary

Laura Dudoit
Program Coordinator, Regional Registrar

Hannah Shepherd
Grassroots Referee Registrar