Twenty-Five Southern California teams from 14U to 18U Divisions will be representing Cal South in the 2017-2018 US Youth Soccer National League that will begin play in late November to early December. Every team will be fighting to earn their place in the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be held July 24-29 in Frisco, Texas. The full list of teams attending National League and their schedules may be found below.

The 25 teams are among the 256 teams that will be participating this upcoming season and Cal South stands with the most teams than any other state association.

Fifteen Cal South Girls Teams will begin the National League Fall Showcase on Nov. 30-Dec. 3 in Wilson/Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Meanwhile, the nine Cal South Boys Teams will have to wait an additional week to start play on Dec. 7-10, in the same location.

Last year, Cal South had 29 teams participating in the National League, with seven Southern California teams earning their berth in this year’s US Youth Soccer National Championships.

Teams interested in participating may do so applying for a slot, but must have participated in a US Youth Soccer recognized Regional League during the 2016-2017 seasonal year. Returning National League top eight teams from the previous season, as well as Regional League Champions automatically qualify to the National League.

Strikers FC – Mission Viejo 14UB
Soltilo FC Los Angeles 14UB
Beach FC 04 DPL 14UG
Legends FC 04 Academy 14UG
CDA Slammers FC HB 03 Reserve 15UB
San Diego Soccer Club Academy-Navy 15UG
Legends FC G03 DPL 15UG
Boca OC 02 White 16UB
Legends FC 02 Academy 16UG
Beach FC 02 DPL 16UG
Beach FC 02G 16UG
Albion SC 02 DPL Academy 16UG
Fullerton Rangers 02 White 16UG
West Coast FC Armour 2001 17UB
FC Golden State PDA 01 17UB
Legends FC 01 Academy 17UG
Beach FC G01 DPL 17UG
Fullerton Rangers 01 White 17UG
Rebels SC 2001 Elite 17UG
West Coast FC Armour 2000 18UB
FRAM 00 Lawson 18UB
Fullerton Rangers 00 18UB
Legends FC 00 Academy 18UG
Rebels SC Elite 00 18UG
Legends FC 00 South 18UG
16UG-White 8:15 AM Beach FC 02G PDA Shore Wave
14UG-Red 10:15 AM Georgia Rush G2004 (GA) Beach FC 04
15UG-Red 10:15 AM 03 Lady Lobos Rush (NM) Legends FC G03
16UG-White 10:15 AM Solar 02G Grado Legends FC 02 Academy
17UG-Black 11:00 AM EGA 01 Maroon (NE) Rebels SC G2001 Elite
17UG-Blue 11:00 AM FCKC Academy Blues (MO) Fullerton Rangers 01 White
17UG-Red 11:00 AM 01 CSA Charlotte Predator Beach FC G01 DPL
18UG-White 11:00 AM CFCIU 2000 Legends FC 00 Academy
14UG-Blue 12:00 PM PacNW G04 (WA) Legends FC 04 Academy
15UG-Blue 12:00 PM United Futbol Academy (GA) San Diego SC Academy
16UG-Black 12:00 PM UFA 02 Premier (GA) Beach FC DPL02
16UG-White 12:00 PM NCFCY 02 Elite Albion SC 02 DPL
16UG-Blue 1:00 PM 02 CSA North (NC) Fullerton Rangers G02
17UG-White 1:00 PM Galaxy 2001 Blue (IL) Legends FC G01
18UG-Black 1:00 PM CDA Premier 00 Rebels SC Elite
18UG-Blue 1:00 PM NCFC 00 Elite Legends FC G00 South
14UG-Blue 8:15 AM Legends FC 04 Academy SDFC Yellow (NJ)
18UG-Blue 9:00 AM Legends FC G00 South Syracuse DA (NY-W)
15UG-Red 10:15 AM Legends FC G03 SDFC Yellow (NJ)
16UG-Blue 10:15 AM Fullerton Rangers G02 Nationals Union 02 (MI)
16UG-White 11:00 AM Albion SC 02 DPL Beach FC 02G
17UG-Red 11:00 AM Beach FC G01 DPL Fever United 01 (TX-N)
18UG-Black 11:00 AM Rebels SC Elite Solar 00 Volkan
18UG-White 11:00 AM Legends FC 00 Academy FC United 2000
14UG-Red 12:00 PM Beach FC 04 Pipeline SC (MD)
15UG-Blue 12:00 PM San Diego SC Academy CDA Premier 03
16UG-Black 1:00 PM Beach FC DPL02 North United Rush (PA-W)
16UG-White 1:00 PM Legends FC 02 Academy NCFCY 02 Elite
17UG-Black 1:00 PM Rebels SC G2001 Elite FC Florida 2001 Elite (FL)
17UG-Blue 1:00 PM Fullerton Rangers 01 White UFA 01 Premier (GA)
17UG-White 1:00 PM Legends FC G01 01 WHYFC White (NC)
14UG-Blue 6:00 AM LA Fire Jrs 04 (LA) Legends FC 04 Academy
14UG-Red 6:00 AM Libertyville FC (IL) Beach FC 04
18UG-Black 6:00 AM LMSC Storm (PA-E) Rebels SC Elite
18UG-White 6:00 AM SSA Chelsea 00 Elite (GA) Legends FC 00 Academy
15UG-Blue 7:00 AM BC United 2003 (NY-W) San Diego SC Academy
16UG-Black 7:00 AM Sporting OFC 2002 Elite (NE) Beach FC DPL02
16UG-White 7:00 AM Beach FC 02G Legends FC 02 Academy
17UG-Blue 7:00 AM Arlington SA 2001 Fullerton Rangers 01 White
17UG-Red 7:00 AM BC United 01 (NY-W) Beach FC G01 DPL
17UG-White 7:00 AM FC Frederick 01 (MD) Legends FC G01
18UG-Blue 8:00 AM Princeton SA Legends FC G00 South
15UG-Red 9:00 AM Midwest United FC Royal (MI) Legends FC G03
16UG-White 9:00 AM Eclipse Select 2002 (TX-N) Albion SC 02 DPL
17UG-Black 9:00 AM 1776 United FC 01 (PA-E) Rebels SC G2001 Elite
16UG-Blue 1:00 PM FC United 02 (IL) Fullerton Rangers G02
14UG-Blue 4:30 AM Legends FC 04 Academy CDA Premier 04 (KY)
14UG-Red 4:30 AM Beach FC 04 CCV Stars 04 (AZ)
15UG-Red 4:30 AM Legends FC G03 CSA Impact United (OH-N)
16UG-White 4:30 AM Legends FC 02 Academy Eclipse Select 2002 (TX-N)
17UG-Red 4:30 AM Beach FC G01 DPL Nationals Union 01 Red
18UG-Black 4:30 AM Rebels SC Elite Campton United 00
18UG-Blue 4:30 AM Legends FC G00 South Midwest United FC 00
15UG-Blue 6:20 AM San Diego SC Academy PDA Freedom
16UG-Black 6:20 AM Beach FC DPL02 Michigan Hakws (MI)
16UG-Blue 6:20 AM Fullerton Rangers G02 Solar 02G (TX-N)
16UG-White 6:20 AM Albion SC 02 DPL Solar 02G Grado (TX-N)
17UG-Black 6:20 AM Rebels SC G2001 Elite Nationals Union 01
17UG-Blue 6:20 AM Fullerton Rangers 01 White Michigan Jaguars 01 (MI)
17UG-White 6:20 AM Legends FC G01 NJ Stallion Freedom (NJ)
18UG-White 6:20 AM Legends FC 00 Academy Michigan Jags 00 (MI)
16UG-White 8:10 AM Cleveland FC 02 Beach FC 02G
14UB-Red 10:15 AM Soltillo FC Los Angeles St. Louis Scott Gallagher (MO)
15UB-Red 10:15 AM CFA Dalton 03B CDA Slammers FC
17UB-Red 11:00 AM Lobos Rush 01 (TN) WCFC B2001B Armour
18UB-White 11:00 AM United SA Mount Pleasant Fullerton Rangers 00 White
14UB-Blue 12:00 PM Oklahoma Energy FC (OK) Strikers FC – Mission Viejo
16UB-Blue 12:00 PM SC Waukesha 02 (WI) Boca OC 02 White
17UB-White 1:00 PM Oklahoma Energy FC (OK) FC Golden State PDA 01
18UB-Black 1:00 PM NCFC Elite 00 FRAM B00 Lawson
18UB-Blue 1:00 PM Team Boca 2000 White West Coast FC Armour 2000
14UB-Red 10:15 AM GPS Lexington SA (SC) Soltillo FC Los Angeles
17UB-Red 11:00 AM WCFC B2001B Armour South Carolina United FC (SC)
18UB-Black 11:00 AM FRAM B00 Lawson McLean 00 (VA)
18UB-White 11:00 AM Fullerton Rangers 00 White LVU 2000 Black (PA-E)
14UB-Blue 12:00 PM Strikers FC – Mission Viejo Real Jersey FC (NJ)
15UB-Red 12:00 PM CDA Slammers FC OK Energy FC (OK)
16UB-Blue 1:00 PM Boca OC 02 White OK Energy FC (OK)
17UB-White 1:00 PM FC Golden State PDA 01 OBGC Rangers Blue
18UB-Blue 1:00 PM West Coast FC Armour 2000 BRYC Elite Academy
14UB-Red 6:00 AM Soltillo FC Los Angeles LMSC Invictus (PA-E)
14UB-Blue 6:00 AM Strikers FC – Mission Viejo Sporting Omaha FC Elite (NE)
17UB-Red 6:00 AM McLean Green 01 (VA) WCFC B2001B Armour
15UB-Red 7:00 AM Bethesda SC (MD) CDA Slammers FC
16UB-Blue 7:00 AM Takoma Park Friends (MD) Boca OC 02 White
18UB-Black 7:00 AM Baltimore Bays 00 (MD) FRAM B00 Lawson
18UB-White 7:00 AM CUP Gold 00 (OH-S) Fullerton Rangers 00 White
17UB-White 8:00 AM Javanon 2001 Black (KY) FC Golden State PDA 01
18UB-Blue 9:00 AM SC Waukesha 00 (WI) West Coast FC Armour 2000
14UB-Red 4:30 AM NM Rush 04 (NM) Soltillo FC Los Angeles
14UB-Blue 4:30 AM FBSL Tuzos Academy Strikers FC – MIssion Viejo
15UB-Red 4:30 AM CDA Slammers FC Nationals Union 03 (MI)
16UB-Blue 4:30 AM Boca OC 02 White Loudoun 02B
17UB-Red 4:30 AM WCFC B2001B Armour Sporting Omaha FC 01 (NE)
17UB-White 4:30 AM FC Golden State PDA 01 KSA 01 (GA)
18UB-Black 5:30 AM FRAM B00 Lawson Houstonians 2000 (TX-S)
18UB-Blue 6:20 AM West Coast FC Armour 2000 FC Dallas 00
18UB-White 6:20 AM Fullerton Rangers 00 White FC Dallas 00 Premier (TX-N)