Twelve teams made history as they were crowned champions in the 2018 Cal South State Cup, celebrating its 40th anniversary. The first champions were determined after three weeks of play in one of the most competitive youth tournaments in the country. In this first weekend of champions, Cal South crowned champions in the 9U and 10U age groups participating in the Mayors, Governors and Presidents Divisions.

Weeks, months, and in some cases, years of hard work, dedication and training all came down to three weekends of play. The championship games were nothing less than dramatic, with parents holding their breathe on the sideline and coaches giving instructions. But at the end of the 50 minutes of regulation time, one team prevailed. Such was the case of Culver City FC.

“It means so much,” said coach Jessee Colocho. “Last year, I started with them and we were last place [category] Bronze and now we’re Silver and State Cup Champs. It means so much. So much hard work put into it and I’m just so proud of my team.”

For Nado coach Shelby Murphy, returning to the Cal South State Cup as a coach was her chance for redemption. As a youth player, Murphy participated in the tournament, but her team wasn’t so lucky to win the championship.

Last Sunday, Murphy had the chance to lead her 9UG team a State Cup Mayors Division Championship, and she did just that, reminiscing to her years as a youth player for advice.

“Knowing that as a coach I have to keep my cool, it’s easy to get riled up and get into it. But when you’re on the girls and you’re yelling at them, it just makes them mess up. Knowing that as a player, helped me execute that as a coach, in this game and this year,” she said.

History on another level 

Aside from going down in the books as a Cal South State Cup Champion, the So Cal Blues 10UG team lead by head coach Rob Ronnie made history on another level.  Not only did the group take this year’s Presidents Division in their category, but they’re now back-to-back champions after being crowned in last year’s edition.

Aside from that, the young group of “lady warriors,” as their coach likes to say, earned their 100th win as a team, falling only once and earning one draw.

“We played in about seven tournaments, we won all the tournaments, the leagues and just lost one game,” coach Rennie said. “A hundred wins, one loss and a tie, for them, that’s something to be proud of because everyone is gunning for you and every game is a final.”

The Cal South State Cup continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary and its champions this weekend at the SilverLakes Complex in Norco. Up next, the 11U category will be crowned in the Mayors, Governors and Presidents Division. Follow all the action through FacebookTwitterInstagram, and add us on Snapchat: @CalSouthSoccer.