The Bear and the Ball

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Cal South launched an exciting new soccer-centric podcast in 2021 titled “The Bear and the Ball.” Hosted by Nick Webster, Cal South’s current Vice-President of Adult Soccer and a former FOX and EPL broadcaster, the show seeks to inform soccer fanatics about the latest news, initiatives, and developments in Southern California.

The show is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and most other major podcast platforms. Or you can just listen to it right here on this handy listing of past episodes.

Past Episodes

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Guest: Allie Jarra, University of California–Riverside Assistant Coach

Allie Jarra, is the assistant coach at the University of California–Riverside (UCR). She has also played soccer and the D2 and D1 level, experiencing highs and lows. In this episode of “The Bear and the Ball,” Allie gives her wisdom on playing at the highest level and on her journey toward becoming a coach. For women who are passionate about soccer and want to grow into the sport, this is a “can’t miss” episode.

Guest: Anthony Pisicoli, Cal South Vice-President of Youth Soccer
Episode released 2021-11-23

Anthony Pisicoli is the Vice President of Youth on the Cal South Board of Directors. A self-proclaimed soccer fanatic and father to a very talented goalkeeper, Anthony has been involved with the game for over two decades. In this episode of “The Bear and the Ball,” he shares his thoughts on the youth soccer landscape here in Southern California.

Guest: Greg Rubendall, Livermore Fusion DOC & USSF Instructor
Episode released 2021-11-16

Greg Rubendall has been on the youth and adult coaching scene his whole life. As the Director of Coaching for the Livermore Fusion and an instructor for the U.S. Soccer Federation, Greg has heard of every reason why people step into the coaching world. On this episode of “The Bear and the Ball,” he names his top ten reasons why people become coaches.

Guest: Kat Scardino, M.Ed., CMPC – Mental Performance Coach
Episode released 2021-11-09

As coaches we train the 4 pillars – physical, technical, tactical, and mental – but how much time do we really spend on training mindset? Kat Scardino is an expert in working with athletes to achieve their best. This vital skill is often the difference between winning and failing in life and on the field of play, and is why this is a “must listen” episode.

Guest: Joey Hoffman, Cal South Pro+ ODP Coach
Episode released 2021-11-02

Joey Hoffman has had a remarkable coaching career. He’s been a director of coaching at clubs throughout Southern California, he’s won multiple ODP national titles, he’s served as an assistant at Loyola Marymount University taking the school to the NCAA tournament, and he took the Philippines to within a whisker of World Cup qualification. He has a wonderful story to tell about the ups and downs of working in this beautiful game.

Bernie Towers, Coast Soccer League President
Ben Nicholson, President of Santa Monica Surf
Juan Guzman Jr., Cal South SRA & former FIFA referee
Episode released 2021-10-26

Referees are in short supply and the reasons are complex, however, we can all play a part in making the game more attractive to the next generation. Bernie Towers, President of Coast Soccer League, Ben Nicholson, President of Santa Monica Surf, and Juan Guzman former FIFA referee join your host Nick Webster to discuss how we can change the dynamic that threatens to complicate the sport we all love.

Guest: Bernie Towers, President of Coast Soccer League (CSL)
Episode released 2021-10-19

Bernie Towers is the President of Coast Soccer League, one of the biggest youth gaming leagues in the United States. In this episode, he talks about his background, how we can help referees, and his hopes and dreams for the beautiful game in Southern California.

Guest: Steve Hoffman, Cal South Technical Director and Head Coach for Ventura College Women’s Program
Episode released 2021-10-10

On this episode of the Bear and the Ball, Vice President of Cal South, Nick Webster, catches up with one of the legends of the Southern California coaching community, Steve Hoffman. Steve is the Technical Director for Cal South and the Head Coach for the women’s program at Ventura College. He has helped players and coaches reach the highest levels of the game.

Guest: Juan Guzman Jr., Cal South State Referee Administrator & Former FIFA/MLS Referee
Episode released 2021-10-06

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a referee, well, wonder no more as Cal South SRA, Juan Guzman tells us about his career and how you to can become a top-level referee, plus so much more!

Guest: Terry Fisher, Cal South CEO
Episode released 2021-09-28

Cal South is back and better than ever. Catch up with new CEO and soccer innovator, Terry Fisher as he brings you the latest news from the country’s best youth and adult soccer association.