The 2017 Cal South Adult State Cup Women’s Division is set to kick off action on Wednesday night with L.A Villa FC hosting the Aztec Legends at Salesian High School at 8:00 pm.

L.A Villa FC, Sol, and the Aztec Legends will be battling it out for a chance to claim the 2017 Women’s Division title. The Second Round of play will take place on Sunday, April 23 with Sol and the Aztec Legends facing off at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara. The group play will conclude on Saturday April 29 when Sol and L.A Villa FC matching up at 5:00 pm, also at San Marcos High School. The top two teams of the group will face each other in the 2017 Cal South Adult State Cup Women’s Division Final on Sunday, April 30 in Santa Barbara.

The Men’s Division continues Thursday with a pair of games taking place in Bell Gardens and Los Angeles.

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