FULLERTON, Calif. (February 17, 2017) – District 3 Commissioner Sue Abadie announced her resignation from the Cal South Board of Directors, effective today.

Abadie has been a key part of the Cal South Board of Directors since her election in 2009, serving all District 3 constituents in Orange County. Abadie also contributed to several Cal South Committees including the Women in Soccer Committee, Personnel Committee, and the Release and Transfer Committee. Prior to joining Cal South, Abadie served as a registrar for Cal South Affiliate, Coast Soccer League (CSL).

Cal South President Derek Barraza saluted Abadie’s years of service. “Sue’s years of service to the Cal South soccer community have helped countless numbers of coaches, referees, administrators, players, and families. As a member of the board, her knowledge and perspective were extremely valuable and served as a voice for the members in all matters. Sue’s contribution to the game has served those who love the beautiful game well beyond the boarders of Cal South.”

Cal South has transition plans underway and will conduct a search for a new District 3 Commissioner. Additional information will become available as the process moves forward. In the meantime please contact our State office at 714-778-2972 with any issues or concerns.