Despite San Diego Surf’s sweep through the Cal South State Cup Presidents Youngers Girls 2007 group phase, there was no guarantee that the group led by coach Daniel Tonks was going to lift the championship trophy.

It seemed simple and possible, especially for the team that scored a total of 23 goals in the group phase, eight in the knockout round, and receiving its first goal against until the age group’s semifinals. They knew their final opponent would get to that place for the same reason they did, for putting in hard work on and off the field, and for being adequately prepared to overcome it all.

At the end of San Diego Surf’s match against fellow San Diego club Albion SC, it was the Surf that came out victorious, coming away with a 3-1 win to win the group.

“Obviously, it was a tough battle,” coach Tonks said after the game. “Albion is a fantastic team; the conditions were tough so we had to battle and grind it out. I felt that we had the quality in the end to really push us forward and the creativity really got us the goals which was fantastic. The group has done fantastic all year, so I couldn’t be prouder.”

San Diego Surf might’ve had an amazing State Cup campaign all throughout the tournament, but it didn’t come easy. According to coach Tonks, the girls’ commitment to the game, their unity as a team and creativity were the main reasons behind their success. But even so, the San Diego Surf coach knows that his work had just begun.

“At this age, our biggest goal is to just keep improving,” the Surf coach said. “We’ve had a solid season throughout, we just really wanted to peak at the right time. They’re such a committed bunch of girls that they knew that even at a young age, they wanted to win this. My job as a coach is to make sure they get to play at that level, at the right time, and I felt they did that and deserve to win the State Cup.”
Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 12, 2017