FC Golden State PDA Coach Juan Sanchez has been through it all. From Cal South State Cup and National Cup finals to College State Championships. While most his success as a coach has been on the Boys side, Coach Sanchez added another accomplishment to his list, his first championship with a Girls team after FC Golden State defeated Palm Desert SC 1-0 in the Cal South Presidents Girls 2005 Division Final.

“It’s been a three-year process,” Coach Sanchez said. “I coach another [FC] Golden State Girls [Team] in the final two years ago, so this one was really sweet. My daughter being part of this team made it even more special.”

The road to the championship was not a simple one. The girls matched up against some of the fiercest competition in Southern California, facing big clubs like Beach FC and the San Diego Surf in the elimination round. It was during the knockout round of the Cal South State Cup when Coach Sanchez realized that their families’ positive energy and support was guiding and helping them through a crucial point in the competition.

“I think the positive energy that we kind of funnel through our daughters, I think at the end of the day that made them come together as a team and you see the results from that,” he said. “I think that, to me, says more than anything. I think the soccer has been there with the girls, they’ve done an awesome job.”

Whether it be Boys or Girls Team, Coach Sanchez knows that in order to be fully ready for the Cal South State Cup tournament, teams must prepare completely both on and off the field, as the tournament always offers top notch competition.

“Cal South always has the toughest competition,” Coach Sanchez said. “Every time we’ve been in this, whether it’s the boys or the girls, we know we’re always going to be up for a match, from pool play, all the way to the elimination part. This year was no different to see the level of competition to be very high.”
Cal South State Cup Finals - March 4-5 2017