For Arsenal FC, it’s been a very long season. The Girls 2004 Team has been through it all, from wins to losses, both on and off the field. The Fall Season didn’t quite go as planned for Coach Randy Brown and his girls, but come the Cal South State Cup, they were able to turn things around.

The task at hand was not easy. Defeating a powerful Eagles SC proved to be tough, with their opponent giving them a hard time and battle throughout the match. However, Coach Brown and his girls turned things around like they usually do, bounced back and pulled a 2-0 win over their Eagles SC counterparts and clinching the Cal South State Cup Presidents Division Championship.

“It’s huge because throughout the season, the team really struggled,” Coach Brown said. “For them to go from having a struggling season to now winning a Cal South State Cup is huge, they’ll never forget that for the rest of their lives. The way that they bounced back through adversity is huge, so I’m very proud of them.”

Now, Arsenal FC will have another challenge up ahead as they must now prepare to represent Cal South and Southern California in the 2017 US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup that will take place from June 13-18 in Salt Lake City. Ahead of the Cal South State Cup final, Coach Brown and his girls knew that a win in the State Cup would mean a trip to the Crossroads of the West.

“[Regionals] was the number one goal,” the Arsenal FC coach said. “You want to win State Cup, so you wanna go there. A lot of the kids haven’t been outside of California. To go another state that they haven’t experienced and Salt Lake City is going to be a great experience for them. I know they’re excited, I’m excited, we’re ready to go!

“It’ll be a great experience and we’ll do our best to be successful and win Regionals, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the journey, it’s all about having fun and the whole experience,” he finalized.
Cal South State Cup Finals - March 4-5 2017