Going into the Cal South State Cup Presidents Youngers BU10 Division Final, AC Brea coach Marius Rus knew that things were not going to be easy for him and his team. After all, they were matching up against the defending champions Rebels Soccer Club, the team that won the same championship in the 2016 State Cup season. Coach Rus knew that the game was going to be tough, but not impossible, having played Rebels twice in the past, with each taking one win apiece.

Come Sunday, according to Coach Rus, luck was on AC Brea’s side as they were able to knock in one goal that would lead them to victory and back to the top, a spot they were last at after the 2015 State Cup season.

“We knew it was going to be a hard game, they have some very talented players, they like to move the ball,” coach Rus said after the game. “It was a close game the first half, and our goal came in the second half off a corner; we crossed the ball and fortunately their player put it back in. For the rest of the game it kind of went back and forth, and we were successful to get the win.”

To get to be the top team in their age group for Southern California, AC Brea faced some of the top teams in the area and the task at hand was not easy. Aside from talent in the group that was able to overcome every obstacle, Coach Rus admits that there was plenty of it throughout the tournament and teams, but sometimes you need a little bit more than that to win it all.

“There’s a bunch of teams that are very good and that many of them can win [the championship],” Rus said. “Besides [other teams] being tough, you might have to have a little bit of luck. [In the semifinal], in penalties, we got lucky; our goalie made some good saves and we won. The competition in this age for these boys is phenomenal.”

Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 12, 2017