In sports, there are good days and there are bad days when it comes to weather. When it came to the Sunday morning where Total Futbol Academy and UIFC Laguna would face off for the 2017 Cal South State Cup Presidents Youngers Division BU11 Championship, the wind would play a great role in each coaches’ game plan.

TFA Coach Willie Diaz told his team to focus on the main objective, knowing that his team will be able to do just that and not give up despite facing challenges they could not change.

“We tried not to deviate from our style of play which is possession-based, team-oriented,” coach Diaz said after the game. “I think the wind had a little bit of effect to it, but it was an interesting game; they came to play and we stepped up to the challenges that were presented to us.

“[This championship] means a lot… We always get everyone’s best; winning is a big thing for my boys and our club in general. We pride ourselves in developing and making sure these guys are playing the best type of soccer possible,” he added.

It’s because of the type of soccer they play that not just this TFA team have lifted a championship trophy or simply gotten to be among the top two teams. TFA, as a club, works together with Spanish powerhouse FC Barcelona to bounce off ideas and create a top program that will benefit the club in the long run, not only in winning games championships, but also in the development of players.

As coach Diaz explains, it’s those ideas that they implement in everything they do in order for the club to triumph.

“A lot of it is the culture, the philosophy that we instill in these kids from the very beginning and it starts from the top to the very bottom,” he explained. “That’s what we instill on our boys from a very young age, which allows us to compete at a very high level and develop some of the best players. We have a lot of work ahead of us. [This championship is] an indicative of the parents and the commitment of the players that allow us to do what we do for them.”

Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 12, 2017