On the eve of the Cal South State Cup Presidents Boys 2004 Division Championship match, Total Futbol Academy- San Fernando Valley Coach Sergio Jimenez tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep from the anxiety of what the day held ahead.

His team was about to match up against one of the toughest teams of the division, Celtic, in what would be the most important match of the year. His boys had worked hard throughout the year, starting from nothing three years ago and then building a foundation from there on.

Once the opening whistle blew, coach Jimenez knew it was all up to his team. And they wouldn’t disappoint, knocking in four goals that would be more than enough to clinch the Cal South State Cup Presidents Division Championship, the payout of all their hard work.

“Only we know how hard these boys practice,” Coach Jimenez said. “We always try to work hard because this is what we want. Hard work pays off. I’m just another guy cheering for [my team] on the sideline.”

With the Cal South State Cup in the books, TFA now has another task at hand – prepare for the 2017 US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup tournament that will take place June 13-18 in Salt Lake City where they will proudly represent Southern California. The news of the new challenge ahead was a surprise to many, including coach Jimenez.

“I just found out about [the tournament] today, so now we have to work twice as hard,” he said. “We just have to try to work and see what happens.

“[We have] to stick to our game plan. I can’t worry about the other team, all I have to worry about is about my team. We just have to keep our feet grounded and play hard. That’s it, that’s all we can do,” he finalized.
Cal South State Cup Finals - March 4-5 2017