In the first match of the day in the Cal South State Cup at Galway Downs, those in attendants were in for a great game as Downtown SC faced Boca Juniors LA in the Boys 2003 Division. Both teams fought and gave their all, with Boca Juniors opening the scoreboard near the end of the match. However, Downtown SC turned things around and equalized the game in the last play of the match.

In extra time, however, Downtown SC, lead by coach Manuel Vazquez, turned things around in the last play, a penalty kick converted that would put them up 2-1 and Cal South State Cup Champions.

“It was a very difficult match,” the Downtown coach said after the game. “I give a lot of credit to the Boca Juniors team that played a very intense match. I fully trusted that we would be able to win the game in regular time, but thanks to the soccer that they gave us, we had to go to extra time.

“One always dreams of going far, we dream of big things. Fortunately, we have peaked, we are State Cup Champions. The news is still sinking in and I think it means a lot,” he added.

But now it’s time to aim for bigger things for this Downtown SC club. After clinching the Cal South State Cup Presidents Division Championship, the boys are headed to Salt Lake City where they will participate in the 2017 US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup tournament.

It took both the team and the coach by surprise when they found out they were destined for the tournament, but Coach Vazquez has no doubt on what the team has to do next in order to proudly represent Cal South and Southern California among the top teams in the Region IV area.

“We have to double our efforts, work even harder in training,” he said. “Challenges are ahead and this team is destined for more. We have to work twice as hard as we’ve been working in order to do things right.”
Cal South State Cup Finals - March 4-5 2017