Just last year, the Pateadores LB team were close to getting to the Cal South State Cup Semifinal. However, luck wasn’t on their side that day and Nado came away with the ultimate win. Things would change the following year, and this time, luck would be on their side.

The Pateadores LB team went the whole 2017 Cal South State Cup Governors Division tournament without receiving any goals, that is, until they faced the toughest competition, and a familiar team, Nado, in the championship final. It wasn’t revenge what the Pateadores girls and their coach Christopher McCray were searching for. They wanted to know what it was like to lift a championship trophy. And after a 4-2 win over Nado, they did just that.

“Eight months ago, we set out on this mission to actually get back to being in State Cup and having a chance to win it,” the Pateadores coach said after the game. “We said all year- hard work, dedication and effort. And it helped us. We got challenged along the way by good opponents, including Nado and a few other ones we’ve played against.

“The championship, as far as it goes, it’s amazing. There’s no better feeling. A hundred and fifteen teams and you end up as the top team, there’s nothing you can do better than that,” he added.

This Pateadores’ team’s journey began two years ago when a group of former AYSO players got together and decided to truly challenge themselves by playing in competitive soccer. The challenge proved to be successful, with the girls giving their all, both during practice, when taking the field, and giving all for each other.

“They’re never ending, and what I mean by that is, they never die,” coach McCray said. “They kind of have a swagger about them, a confidence, their aura around each other is always positive. And I think that comes from their parents also. You have to have a well-oiled machine and that I feel like I have that.”
Cal South State Cup Finals - March 4-5 2017