Risk Management for Cal South Coaches

It is important to note that the Cal South Coaches Education Program is not linked directly to the Cal South Risk Management Program.

In order for a Cal South Administrator to coach a Cal South team, that administrator must possess a U.S. Soccer coaching license as well as complete the Cal South Risk Management Program. Furthermore, all competitive coaches and recreational coaches are required to meet the minimum coaching license requirements for Cal South

What Does This Mean for Your League and Administrators?

1. Quicker California Department of Justice turnaround on all fingerprint submissions.
2. More sessions, shorter lines and Live Scan options available to your league.

How Do I Get Live Scan Service Done and Where Do I Go?

For a full list of California Fingerprinting Centers, click here. Make sure to call their site beforehand to ensure that you will only be charged the rolling fee that is listed on their website (have our ORI number from the top of the Request for Live Scan Form ready).

All Cal South members must take and complete a Request for Live Scan Service form whether they attend a Cal South session or go to another Applicant Live Scan Site.

Please note: A card cannot be printed for an administrator until the Cal South Corporate Office has received the approval from the California Department of Justice.

Hosting Your Own Cal South League Live Scan Session:

Live Scan Session Request Form – For League VIP Use Only

Risk Management Contact:

For more information, please contact the Cal South Risk Management Department
Phone 714-778-2972 | Fax 714-451-1017 | livescan@calsouth.com