It is the intent of Cal South to provide an environment that fosters the well-being and safety of all its players and members.

All USSF certified referees, 18 and older, who wish to officiate Cal South sanctioned youth matches will need to go through the Live Scan Program.

This requirement will be effective January 1, 2010. Referees should complete the ONE-TIME Live Scan process to ensure eligibility for youth match assignments.

The cost is $15.00 when the Live Scan is performed at an event scheduled through Cal South or at IBT (Integrated Biometric Technology, LLC), the exclusive Live Scan provider for Cal South. The 25 IBT fixed locations can be found by clicking here. The referee will be responsible for paying for the service. It may cost up to $35.00 at independent retailers.

Referee associations may contact the Cal South Risk Management department at livescan@calsouth.com.

You will need a Cal South Live Scan form, an official government ID (driver license, passport) with photo, and $15.00.

Yes. Due to the privacy act, information may not be shared from one agency to another. You will have to do the process again through Cal South.

The referees will not be available to referee any Cal South youth games until they have completed the process.

The chairperson of the Risk Management Committee is the only member involved in the notification process, along with the referee in question.

The Risk Management chairperson reviews the notification and determines if the data represents a risk to our youth members. A negative determination is appealable by the referee.

Upon confirmation of the assignment of an unqualified official, the assignor will then be notified by the SRA. Appropriate training and direction will be given to the assignor to prevent future occurrences.

All assignors will have access to the Risk Management approval list.

Contact Information: Cal South Risk Management department at livescan@calsouth.com.