The Cal South Referee Spotlight is a feature, highlighting elite officials through the Cal South system.

William Delgado is like many parents who sacrifice their hobbies and other portions of their personal life in order to spend quality time with their children. For many years, Delgado was an amateur road cyclist, competing in Pro-Am events around the country and internationally. But then soccer came knocking at his door when his son began playing recreational soccer.

Delgado began helping coach his son’s team, but there was still something missing. A competitor at heart, he decided to join Cal South in 2005 in order to earn his Coaches E License, allowing Delgado to take his son’s team from rec to competitive. From then on, his love and involvement for the sport took off, becoming the Vice President for Elsinore Valley Youth Soccer League, as well as moving up the Coaching License Pathway to a C License.

While completing a club requirement set forth by Coast Soccer League (CSL) of providing three new referees each year, Delgado decided to make the transition. Putting in the same competitive attitude and dedication, Delgado moved up the ranks quickly, getting to Regional Referee (previous Grade 5) in no time.

Delgado went on to officiate in the Development Academy, as well as adult amateur leagues such as USL, PDL, NPSL, UPSL and the SoCal U23. However, it’s in his roots, where it all began, where he enjoys it most.

“The most fun I’ve had was working all of the Cal South top events like State and National Cups, ODP, regionals, etc., where I’ve been able to mentor a lot of my fellow officials, not only the young ones but a lot of the older referees,” Delgado said. “My goal has always been to work as hard as I can to better myself, not only physically but also intellectually by making sure I am always up to the date on the Laws of The Game and how to best apply them during the games. I always want to be able to lead by example!”

With all the experience under his belt, Delgado wants to continue making an impact in the soccer community. Since 2014, Delgado has served as the Referee Assignor for the Temecula Valley Soccer Referee Association (TVSRA), giving him the opportunity to work with Grassroots Referees whenever he can. But with his competitive and philanthropic spirit lurking, Delgado wants to do more for his community.

“My current goals are to become an Assessor and Instructor with Cal South and continue to mentor referees of all different levels,” Delgado said. “I’ve received a lot of help and support over the years from great mentors like Don Wilbur, Kelly Mock, George Noujaim and Kia Dehpanah amongst others, so I want to pass on what I’ve learned to the new generation. I believe Cal South is in a great place right now and in position to make a big mark in the years to come! I am grateful for being a small part of it!”

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