The Pacific Players League is a new competitive soccer league initially based within the San Diego area, intended to give local teams and clubs an exciting alternative to other competitive leagues in the area, which may not be currently meeting their expectations or needs.
The Pacific Players League [PPL] will begin play in the fall of 2022, and will feature highly competitive play in a tiered system based around a model of promotion and relegation.

Another focus of the Pacific Players League will be on delivering a family-friendly, player-centric experience for all involved. Those clubs signing up and participating in the league will be allowed to have input on league structure and development, in order to work with the needs of its players and their families.


Features of the
Pacific Players League

  • Family-centric, with needs of the players considered first

  • Ten-month schedule, in the Fall and Spring

  • Only competitive play within the PPL; there is no recreational side to the league currently being developed

  • Like-vs-like competition to promote player development

  • Home-away fixtures and travel-friendly

  • Market-driven team pricing

  • Led by its own Commissioner

  • Supportive of Cal South State competitions

  • Supportive of Cal South Pro+ ODP

  • Supportive of continuing coaching education and development

  • Officiated by top quality referees

  • Supported by excellent customer service

  • All league activity both on and off the field will be conducted with RESPECT, involving all players, parents, coaches, referees, and spectators

  • Collaboration between all participants in the league will be required and encouraged


Inquiries regarding the Pacific Players League should be sent to Terry Fisher at (253) 569-8571 or by email at