From the beginning of the season, Strikers FC- Mission Viejo, including their coach Shawn Watts, knew they wanted to win the 2017 Cal South National Cup Boys 2004 Championship.

However, they had many hurdles to overcome. With the age group change, only five original players remained with the team. Many thought their plan to win National Cup was ambitious, but the team had their eyes on the prize.

As each game progressed, and the victories kept rolling in, the championship was much closer. In the final match, Strikers FC-Mission Viejo got the job done on the field, defeating their CDA Slammers FC counterparts 3-1, completing their objective.

“For the boys, it’s just something they’ll never forget,” coach Watts said. “These are memories that they’re going to live with forever and at the end of the day, they could actually say that they’re National Cup Champions, and that’s huge, not everyone can say that they did that.”

Now, Strikers FC-Mission Viejo has a greater task at hand. Their objective was to win National Cup, but that only meant that they were destined to advance to the US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals that are set to take place June 19-25 in Seattle. Should they be successful there, the boys will then advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships scheduled for July 24-30 in Frisco, Texas.

The boys faced some of the strongest competition in Southern California during the National Cup, but it only served as a preview of what’s ahead for them at Regionals.

“It’s only going to get better,” coach Watts said about the Far West Regionals competition. “Our big slogan at the club is, ‘It’s never good enough.’ We can always do better, whether it be on the administration side, whether it be on the field. This is just a stepping stone for us, we still have two more championships to go win.”
National Cup Finals - March 18-19, 2017