“One team… one direction.”

Training your mind is just as important as training your body!

Cal South recently announced a partnership with Advance Sports Technology, Inc. AST is a world-class mental fitness group with a mental-edge technology for athletic and corporate organizations. AST uses a proven diagnostic formula – an interactive seminar curriculum based on an evidence-based scientific, cognitive, and positive psychological model – that will increase player performance both on and off the field of play.

Enhanced confidence, focus, resiliency, and character are just a few areas of improvement the player will receive. AST drives PERFORMANCE AND GROWTH through a synergy of coach and player talents, skills, and energy that delivers UNPRECEDENTED RECORD-BREAKING RESULTS.

The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Fitness

Our youth are in a state of flux. For the majority of adolescents, their desire to readily please adults and not question their authority is fading as they make the natural progression towards questioning and challenging authority. This shift in their behavior is expected… but that does not mean it is easy!

The beginning of the adolescent’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth brings with it a difficult adjustment period. These young teens need resources to help them cope with the tough issues they will face as the influence of their peers becomes greater and their need for adult approval diminishes. They need to be able to look within themselves for the right answers when faced with tough issues, and, perhaps, having to make life-changing decisions. Many adolescents have family stresses, relationships with deviant peers, feel a sense of social alienation from their schools, and have self-esteem issues. Any of these negative factors can influence adolescents to make poor decisions and pursue ill-fated actions. And yet, the adolescent years are critical in setting the course for subsequent life success.

AST’s basic The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Fitness™  program is one resource for adolescents. The 7 Fundamentals are the cornerstone upon which young teens can raise their self-esteem, become aware of their talents and abilities, and gain confidence in making the tough, and yet right, decisions.

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